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Zombie-thriller debut for Bahraini author

Review By Stephanie Sutcliffe

A young Bahraini author has published his first book titled Fear in Flesh: Survivor.

Hesham Ali began writing the horror fiction novel at 21 and now, two years later, proudly presents the first of two instalments for his series.

“To be honest, it was a random pick of something I thought to be simple from my preference and experience,” said the 23-year-old author of his choice of genre and content. 

“At first, it was planned to be a short collection of stories of random survivors around the world surviving the zombie apocalypse in their own harsh circumstances. 

“As I went on with the first group of survivors, their story just kept on ballooning till they ended up having a whole series to themselves.

“It is all thanks to AMC’s The Walking Dead and other zombie videogames I was playing at that time.”

The story takes place in a fictional town in New York City called Cliffroyce Bay, where the heroes or ‘survivors’ as Mr Ali calls them find themselves trapped following the outbreak of a zombie virus, which quickly spreads across the world. 

Everyone is trying to survive, but Violet Turner keeps having bizarre randomly occurring dreams that make her feel something far worse than the living dead is coming after her. 

Mr Ali’s flare for writing fiction sparked while studying for a degree in International Transport and Logistics Management, where he stumbled on two elective courses that focused on fiction, reading and writing biographies. 

“One of our projects involved us writing a piece about our goals and dreams,” he said. 

“But I had none, I just wanted to graduate and get my degree to find a job and earn a living. 

“Boring, but that’s life, I told myself. 

“Before the project we had to read Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist and write reader responses regarding the book. 

“My tutor really enjoyed reading through my responses and gave me really good feedback, so for the goals and dreams project I added writing fiction to the list. 

“Since I enjoy reading so much I thought maybe I’ll enjoy writing as well, and promised myself to start in the New Year. 

“In January 2014 I started writing, or as I liked calling it practising.”

Inspired by the fiction he surrounded himself with growing up, Mr Ali embarked on his new passion and is now halfway through the sequel to Fear in Flesh: Survivor, titled Fear in Flesh: Reaper

“My plan was to answer some loose-end questions that I left the readers to ponder about in the first book and drop in a major plot twist out of nowhere that will change the whole genre of the book from an apocalyptic zombie-thriller to something else that still takes place in the same apocalyptic setting with both the same and new characters,” said Mr Ali. 

“I already completed the chapter with the plot twist, now my focus is to make it better than the first book by keeping it true to its newfound genre.”

The young author is simultaneously working on a psychological, mystery-thriller which he intends to release by early 2017. 

Fear in Flesh: Survivor was published under the services of Authorhouse UK. 

Visit or to purchase a paperback or e-book copy.

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