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‘Evil’ states condemned

Bahrain News
Sun, 24 Sep 2017

UNITED NATIONS: Bahrain has been forced to take action against Qatar because of its discourse of hatred and systematic support for terrorism, the Foreign Minister said yesterday.

He also condemned other rogue states like Iran that constantly seek to disseminate anarchy and evil.

“They are instruments of destruction,” Foreign Minister Shaikh Khalid bin Ahmed Al Khalifa said in his address to the 72nd Session of the UN General Assembly in New York yesterday.

Bahrain firmly believes that security in the Middle East and in the world requires a common political will to confront terrorism, and deter those individuals or entities supporting and financing it, he said.

“All the more so now, that terrorism is no longer confined to terrorist organisations that we can confront and eliminate. Rather, it has become a tool in the hands of states determined to create crises in other countries in pursuit of their own agenda,” he pointed out.

“It is no longer acceptable that among us, there are rogue countries occupying others’ territories, violating the sovereignty of states, threatening international peace and security, supporting terrorism and spreading hate and anarchy.

“It is no longer possible to allow these countries to become party to our efforts to bring an end to struggles, resolve conflicts and put an end to complex humanitarian tragedies,” Shaikh Khalid said.

The Foreign Minister said that either these countries respect their commitments and catch up with the collective international will to achieve peace, development and welfare, or be held clearly accountable, and suffer isolation and the severe consequences of international resolutions and laws.

He condemned Qatar for supporting systematic terrorist acts in Bahrain with a view to undermining national security and social peace and overthrowing the government with the help of parties associated with them.

Shaikh Khalid also underlined efforts by US President Donald Trump and the resolve of a US-GCC summit held in Saudi Arabia to step up the global fight against terror and strengthen regional security.

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