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Monday, December 17, 2018 ARCHIVES  |  SEARCH  |  POST ADS  |  ADVERTISE  |  SUBSCRIBE   |  LOGIN   |  CONTACT US

What is the viral 'Tide Pod' challenge?


The Tide Pod challenge is the latest craze that has swept the world where young people eat the colourful Tide Pods.

Tide Pod challenge has become an internet rage and for all the wrong reasons.

Doctors have asked teenagers to not be part this crazy challenge that was inspired by a meme.

The challenge swept the internet because these liquid capsules look like colourful candy.

How did it start?

The challenge started when the Onion, a satirical website published a story in 2015 about how these red and blue detergent pods look like sweets.

In 2017, College Humour site uploaded a YouTube video called ' Don't Eat The Laundry Pods' which gathered over 3 million views in just a few weeks.

Recently, on December 9th 2017,  @mineifiwildout tweeted about eating Tide Pods in 2018 as part of a new trend.

On December 11th a Twitter user called @littlestwayne tweeted an image of Oprah Winfrey eating something with the line: "Me eating tide laundry detergent pods."

The popularity of these tweets in December contributed to the crazy and very dangerous challenge which took over the internet.

Why should it not be eaten?

These pods should not be eaten as they contain highly-concentrated liquid detergent and can cause diarrhoea, vomiting and breathing difficulties and even lead to death.

An advisory was launched by the manufacturer tide which launched a website dedicated to safe handing its products.

The company has advised consumers to drink a glass of water if the product has been swallowed and call for medical help. 

Here is P&G’s latest attempt to stop the craze with 'Rob Gronkowski Ad'.