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Lots of talk - little action

Winfred Peppinck

Ahh, the folly of some parliamentarians, coming up with harebrained suggestions, unfunded of course, watered down, or completely ignored by the government, or the more sensible Shura Council.
Like beating the expatriates drum, seeing them the milch cow, for any attempt to raise additional expenditure for the government budget, as they are not citizens who shouldn’t enjoy privileged treatment.
They already cop additional utility and medical costs, but to somehow single them out on fuel pricing!
No doubt set up an enormous administrative arrangement, to govern who turns up at the fuel pump!
Imagine the mayhem and additional red tape!
However, a most sensible issue addressed by the Central Governate, the continuing road congestion, lack of parking in places like Adliya, Juffair, and elsewhere, including the suq.
Why not turn the suq, into a pedestrian mall and stop cars from travelling through there, or parking.
Resupply vehicles, only having very early morning access.
Many other countries have used such pedestrian mall ideas, and now, more people, are coming back.
The governate also wants over-numerous, “same-like product stalls” of greater rationalisation, cut their number.
Increase parking space, even if paid parking.
Also wanted, is that more ministerial departments, and private offices too, moved from highly congested Manama.
It is already being done, there should be more.
They also want construction workers being moved out of residential suburbs, and to much discussed camps for construction workers.
It is indeed a social issue.
Women have complained about being ogled on and propositioned.
These things happen, because the men live in an unnatural environment and their women are left behind.
Transgressions, not excusable, but understandable.
Then there is urination in the street or on vacant lots, it shouldn’t , but it does’.
Proposed labour workers’ cantonment has been talked about for a long time, that is the problem, lots of ideas, but lots of talk, little action.
And presumably too there must be facilities, convenience stores and stalls, to purchase food
Inaction has a habit of catching up!
Probably concerned that venal landlords, willing to rent apartments, often run down and death traps in fires, will lose some of their money making enterprise.
Given Bahrain’s bus services, largely used by expatriate workers, having a new labour cantonment, would take a lot of buses out of the Manama environment, and so help relieve some of the congestion.
Specific, enforceable, “bus only” lanes, are mandatory, no objections.
If there was an extensive train system, so much better, another “talked about things,” still in embryonic stage, despite having been discussed for at least 30 years!
There is a role for the LMRA, to ensure that when the construction workers are eventually moved out, that construction work management, will not expect workers to work extra hours at the site.
To compensate, not in an adverse, cutting wages sense, for being compulsorily removed from Manama and driven greater distances to the “work face.”.
Surely the impoverished worker should not have to bear those costs.

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