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GDN Reader's View: Who is the slave?


Here are a few responses to our GDN online conversation: 'Do you agree with MPs who claim expat employers are 'enslaving' Bahrainis?'

Who is the slave?

Not sure about that at all... I know that I was a “slave” to my last employer (Bahraini) as he didn’t pay us for three months and the courts here have delayed my case for four years (hoping I’ll give up) (still making me a slave) as I have to bend on my knees waiting...

and still no results ... and I’m not the only person... who is the slave and who is the enslaved?

- Tracy Clarke

Do our MPs even hear themselves?

First of all, “working” for an employer cannot be termed as “enslaving”, regardless of nationality. The employee personally chooses to work by signing a contract by his/her own choice and gets PAID for their service along with benefits. How is that enslaving?

Secondly, the terms such as enslaving will only create a notion in the minds of employees (especially Bahrainis) that they are not entitled to be under someone.

As simple as it could get, build your own dreams or you’ll end up helping build the dreams of others.

- Sarah Hosseini

Where’s the logic?

How about expats who are working under Bahrainis and were/are treated as a dog?

In other words when Bahrainis do it, it’s called pleasure, and when an expat does it’s called pain. Such a logic.

I must say dear MP whatever your name, please do not invite people into evilness we all work like brothers and a family here.

- Hassan Hasan