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VIDEO: Prosecution to demand death for imam’s killer as horrific details are revealed

Bahrain News
Fri, 10 Aug 2018
By Raji Unnikrishnan, Pictures: Hussain Almosawi

HORRIFIC new details have surfaced in the slaughter of a Bahraini imam, who was buried yesterday.

The killer, a Bangladeshi muezzin, has confessed to the Public Prosecution and recounted how he viciously beat father-of-10 Shaikh Abduljalil Hmood with an iron rod until he died inside a mosque in Muharraq, where they both worked.

He said that he concealed the body inside the toilet after morning prayers on Saturday and went to a nearby store to purchase a big knife and two plastic bags – adding that upon his return he dismembered the body and placed the body parts in the plastic bags.

The following day the suspect and another man drove to Askar, where he was caught by witnesses dumping the plastic bags.
The 39-year-old muezzin has been charged with premeditated murder, which carries the death penalty, while several other men have been charged with aiding and abetting.
They have all been remanded in police custody for seven days pending the investigation, said Muharraq Prosecution chief prosecutor Hussain Khamis in a statement issued yesterday.
“An investigation revealed that the first accused, the muezzin, hid the victim’s body with the help of accomplices,” he said.

“He was caught red-handed while trying to dump the body.

“The muezzin was questioned on Wednesday and he confessed to the crime in detail.

“He said he decided to get rid of the victim out of revenge because he reported him to the Sunni Endowments Directorate which had given him a deadline to regulate his status in Bahrain or leave the country.”

Mr Khamis said that the muezzin “hid the iron rod in a corridor in the mosque and waited for an opportunity to perpetrate the crime”.

“After morning prayer on Saturday when he was alone with the imam after all the worshippers left, he hit him with the iron rod on his head and body until he died,” read the statement.

“Then he took the body and left it inside the toilet in the mosque.

“He went to buy a large knife and two large plastic bags and returned to the mosque where he dismembered the body and put it into the bags.

“He sought help from another person to put the plastic bags in an accomplice’s car and took the remnants of the body to an empty area near a scrapyard.

“The muezzin was arrested along with all other suspects involved in the crime, who also confessed to taking part in the crime.”

The GDN reported on Wednesday that the muezzin broke down in tears as he confessed to his wife hours before his arrest.

Mother-of-two Dalia Siddique Akhi, from Bangladesh, said at the time that her husband had been arguing with Shaikh Hmood since last August, and that the tension was sparked by the muezzin’s activities outside work hours.

The GDN also previously reported that at least seven men were involved in the murder of Shaikh Hmood. “The investigation is continuing with the witnesses’ testimonies being recorded, while the forensic and crime scene reports are awaited, before the accused is referred to the criminal court,” added the prosecution statement.

“The prosecution will demand the maximum sentence of capital punishment for premeditated murder.”

Shaikh Hmood was buried yesterday afternoon in the Kanoo Mosque cemetery in Muharraq.

The 41-year-old Bahraini imam of Yemeni origin is survived by his wife Adeeba Hassan, 39 years, and 10 children, three sons and seven daughters. 
The crime prompted authorities to embark on an initiative to replace foreign prayer callers, imams and mosque caretakers with Bahrainis.

However, a senior official at the Sunni Endowments Directorate on Thursday reassured expatriates holding religious positions that they will not be fired overnight, describing the Bahrainisation effort as a long-term process.

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