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Why it pays to smile...

By Zuhair A Tawfiqi

I travelled by the national carrier, Gulf Air, when I returned from a trip to Dubai last week. While I will not list its advantages or drawbacks, I would, however, make a mention here of how one of the cabin crew, a young woman, went about her job. Truly professional and very warm, she had a wide smile on her face the entire time she was serving passengers.

Her efforts, no doubt, had a great impact on the travellers and the quality of service they were given, which easily compared with the best airlines globally.

I am not exaggerating, but I was really impressed with what I experienced.

I must stress here that it’s certainly not about someone being young or old, or good looking or beautiful, or of any race or religion, but it is the inner beauty of a person that counts here.

Her professionalism and her smile were infectious, to say the least.

I am writing this just to point out that her performance is not due to her immaculate training at the company’s training institute, however her performance is directly a result of her nature as a dedicated and hardworking employee.

Being curious and inquisitive like any journalist, I got talking to her and appreciated her for the work she was doing and commended her for her professionalism in dealing with all passengers, a task we might find extremely boring and monotonous.

I later also learnt she was from Thailand, people from there are known for their work culture and dedication. The Thais are admired for the principles they follow and their simple and practical lifestyle. They are known for their workmanship and quality of performance in addition to discipline and commitment. They treat work as worship, are generous and creative and respect everyone.

This lady, in my opinion, deserves to be commended and given a raise because she has set an exceptional example in strengthening the efforts of our national carrier in its quest to further improve its services, which make the traveller feel extremely comfortable. Such employees serve as role models for others as well.

I have always believed that culture, education and religion contribute towards our behaviour and to be better people.

The intention here is to be faithful to one’s work, and to strive to perform the duties and responsibilities one is entrusted with all dedication. Work should not be as some claim, on the amount of wages paid but according to the workmanship required.

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