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Friday, February 22, 2019 ARCHIVES  |  SEARCH  |  POST ADS  |  ADVERTISE  |  SUBSCRIBE   |  LOGIN   |  CONTACT US

Déjà vu again..!

Winfred Peppinck

Remember the classic 1993 movie, Groundhog Day, in which the actor, Bill Murray, finds himself in the perpetual, “Same Day, “ over and over and over, again, again, and again!

A case of déjà vu, again and again, and again, for Murray!

But practically, he works with the knowledge he gains, each day, to progress matters so that even though he is in the same day, in time, he works out how to resolve this crisis, learning and adapting to events, till at last he is back at the start of, the Groundhog Day.

If I can mix my movies, a bit like going “back to the future.”

So the Ground Hog’s arrival from hibernation is a sign that summer is here.

So reading again the GDN, about GPZ construction company, the same article of a few months earlier, then one earlier back still!

Same state of non-resolution.

Almost as though the article had simply been super-imposed under last week’s date!

Same story of the workers not being paid their wage, since 2016, the same march up the highway, the same gates, locked to the protesters, the same action of marching on various embassies for help, the same nonsense from the government spokesperson, of taking action against GPZ, the same payment claims, from GPZ, strongly denied by the protesters, that any remedial action had been taken.

The whole thing, I thought it was over, apparently had never moved, Ground Hogs-like days, the same scenario, again, again and again!

Bahrain has laws, trade unions, the LMRA too, presumably are able to enforce compliance of workers rights.

What about the “big stick,” that the ministry promised to take against GPZ, and not entertain any bids, by the company, in future dealings with the government?

And it set me thinking,

Why is Bahrain unable to resolve these type of issues?

Like Amwaj Gardens, where “policy” for resolution, surely is a failure, in how many unsuccessful auction bids, after seven or eight attempts!

Even in the best bureaucratic vein, that is simply too much, especially as somehow, ”nothing can be done to the other perceived failure, Marina West, until Amwaj Gardens, is resolved.”

And again, isn’t that bureaucratically inept?

Whatever happened to multi-skilling, or network analysis, where you move from one project to another, seamlessly, particularly, when there is a blockage somewhere along the production line?

So the eternal “problem,” malingers.

And some people are heartily sick of hearing about these places, altogether.

In the case of Marina West, where the so-called developer, who claims to want to finish the construction, “when he raises the money,” the same man that took “off the plan,” buyers deposits, and went on a speculative spree with the funds – and lost the lot has any credibility!

How on earth can he be even entertained as a developer, when he has been such a failure, and certainly doesn’t have the confidence of the people he duped.

Déjà vu, yet again!

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