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Tuesday, September 25, 2018 ARCHIVES  |  SEARCH  |  POST ADS  |  ADVERTISE  |  SUBSCRIBE   |  LOGOUT   |  CONTACT US

Man-made misery


Worldwide terrorism and its consequences are posing a threat to the very survival of mankind and peaceful co-existence of the human race. 

Violent and misguided people are running amuck to cause immeasurable damage in  almost all parts of the globe, in the name of religion, race, nationality, language and so on.

Human history is packed with this onslaught of terrorism in the form of wars, conflicts, fights, conspiracies and the like, mooted out of the undesirable human qualities of greed, malice,  anger, misunderstanding and vicious vandalism. 

Despite great tragedies, loss of millions of human lives from time to time, annihilation of religious, linguistic and racial groups, there has not been a stop to this terrorism, which is the greatest common enemy of the human race as a whole. 

For example, we find such a mad struggle going on in Bahrain for nobody’s benefit. 

Bahrain, which once was a garden of peace and peaceful co-existence, has been turned to a place where hatred, enmity, terrorism and destruction have stepped in.

Though the fight against establishments has been contained and controlled from time to time throughout the ages, it is necessary to ponder the cause of such uprisings.

To list a few, ignorance, ill-advised instigations, misunderstanding of the fundamental guidelines of religion and its teachings, greed to plunder the wealth and natural resources of other countries are the main causes of man-made miseries around the globe.

Such wrong instincts injected in the minds of people are essentially because of a lack of true knowledge of the realities of life as preached by religions and peace-loving believers.

Right from childhood, children must be taught by teachers and parents, the values of peace, friendliness, love, care and concern for others. 

Today, children are treated as machines to compete with others to establish their supremacy, both at home and schools. 

The result is that children slowly get poisoned to turn into terrorists and violent people.

Adding fuel to the fire, the rulers of various countries create animosity with their neighbours and other flourishing countries in all the fields such as economy, arts, science and sports.

We can see the way international athletes are behaving with violent tendencies when they are playing in the field. They even go to the extent of taking drugs to achieve victory.

God has created all people equal in all respects. It is during their upbringing that they turn out to be good or bad. 

Everyone must be aware that we are blessed with a limited span of life and there is no need to harm others or amass wealth, which will be of no use, once we leave this world.

A contribution by religious leaders will be of immense help, if they preach and insist on people following the path laid by the respective religions with love and dedication. 

Let us try to build a world where peace and love prevails over violence and conflict.

Chandra Madhavan

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