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Accept mistakes


While managing people it is very important to treat employees as a valuable asset of the organisation. Moreover, you must trust them regardless of who they are and give importance to their opinions. 

When there is no trust, employees don’t feel so sure about going along with you. It is not always about  money, but the task oriented management which leaves the impression among employees that they are no more than tools.

Your employees are valuable not because of what they do, but because of what they are. Every employee has intrinsic values, even at times when their behaviour is not so good. In the meantime, it is your responsibility to be an example by living your own values and principles rather than trying to change them.

Applying Quality Management System (QMS) in an organisation means making sure that there is a good atmosphere of respect, trust and care, and people are motivated to achieve their objectives. Definitely, it will lead to co-operation and success. 

QMS accepts that mistakes may happen. But we have to learn from them and find solutions. Old-style management  makes employees feel guilty saying, “it is your fault”. If this approach is followed, the employees do not learn anything. Next time, when the mistakes are made, they will hide it and the problems remain unsolved. 

As a manager of a department, you are responsible for calculating the risk and for any mistakes that happen. Whole group is responsible for the mistake as it is a known fact that human beings are not perfect. That is why a group needs to solve issues together. 

Finally, a mistake is an opportunity for improvement.

Ali Al Aradi

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