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Brothers save family from blaze

Bahrain News
Sun, 17 Apr 2016

Bahrain: TWO brothers bravely battled flames to save family members after a huge fire, that gutted more than half of their house, broke out during a family gathering yesterday.

Bahraini Hussain Isa Abdulhussain, aged 32, described the horrific moment when the blaze destroyed most of his grandfather’s house in Barbar at around 3.30pm following a suspected electrical short circuit.

He said that 15 members of his family had just finished lunch and eight people stayed behind in the house when “all hell broke loose” after the fire broke out in the garage – which then spread through the house.

“I had just finished lunch and was about to take a nap on the ground floor of my grandfather’s house,” Mr Abdulhussain told the GDN.

“My grandmother (Fakhriya Isa, aged 85) was in her majlis and I heard her screaming.

“I raced to see what was happening and saw flames surrounding her.

“I did not think twice but rushed and carried her in my arms and took her out of the house to safety.

“I then went and saw my brother (Hassan Isa Abdulhussain, aged 26) saving my aunt Layla Ahmed, aged 50.

“I helped him and then rescued her two children, aged 10 and a year-and-a-half old.

“My father Isa Abdulhussain ran out along with my uncle Mohammed Redha Abdulhussain and my mother (Zahra Shuaib, aged 52).

“I made a safe passage and took them all through a staircase that was not yet on fire.”

None of the family members suffocated but Mr Abdulhussain’s grandmother fainted due to the shock.

“My father started crying, saying that we had lost our home.

“I told him that the main thing was that we were all alive.”

Mr Abdulhussain recalled how they had forgotten his uncle who was sleeping and woke up before smashing his way out of a window to safety.

“Due to the shock we did not realise that my uncle (Zakariya Ahmed) was still asleep in the house in the middle of the fire.

“However, luckily he woke up due to the smoke and our screams and broke his bedroom window before jumping out from the ground floor.

“Two cars, a BMW X5 and an Honda Accord, were not damaged in the fire but a Toyota Yaris was destroyed.

“Civil Defence arrived in 20 minutes and managed to put the fire out before it could spread.

“We were taken to Salmaniya Medical Complex and discharged after treatment.

“We are now staying in my other grandfather’s house, which is right next to the house which went up in flames.

“The fire has cost us huge losses including thousands of dinars in damages.

“I think it started due a short circuit from a TV in the garage.”