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Muslims in GCC will fast upto 17 hours during Ramadan

GDN Online Desk

Muslims in the GCC states and other Arab countries will have to fast for up to 17 hours daily (from dawn to dusk) during Ramadan. 

Meanwhile, Muslims living the Scandinavian countries will have to fast for more than 20 hours.

In Norway, Finland and Sweden fasting period will exceed 20 hours, as the sun sets only for few minutes.

In other cities like Kiruna, the northernmost town in Sweden, situated in the province of Lapland, people experience little or no sundown during the summer months.

Some Muslims comply with the rules of geography and fast long hours while the other comply with the fasting hours in the City of Mecca in Saudi Arabia or follow the nearest Muslim country, particularly Turkey.

In other parts of the world, fasting hours will range from 10 hours in Latin American states and 21 hours in North Europe.

Inside Saudi Arabia, the number of fasting hour varies from one region to another.

People in Al-Saha region, south of the Empty Quarter, will have the least number of hours and will be the first to break the fast in Saudi.

 According to astronomer, Dr. Khalid Al-Zaaq, people living in the governorate of Haql, in the province of Tabuk, will be the last to break the fasting.

The times and dates of Ramadan and fasting vary each year as they are determined by the lunar cycle – that is moonsighting.

In a statement to Almowaten electronic newspaper, he said that people in Haql governorate would break the fasting 1hr 30 minutes later than other Saudi regions

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