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Qatar ‘creating chaos in the Middle East’

Bahrain News
Mon, 10 Jul 2017
By Shahlaa Ahmed

Qatar had a hand in almost every disaster witnessed in the Middle East in the last seven years, according to a prominent media figure.

UAE-based Al Ittihad newspaper editor-in-chief Mohammed Al Hammadi said 30 per cent of the operations against the Saudi-led Arab Coalition in Yemen were by militants supported by Qatar.

During a discussion held at the Bahrain Journalists Association in Juffair last night, Mr Al Hammadi said billions of dollars were pumped into the Doha-based Al Jazeera Media Network to create a never-ending state of chaos in the region, specifically in ‘Arab Spring’ countries.

“Al Jazeera’s cameras have always lied about the situation in Egypt,” he said.

“It would zoom in to fool people into thinking thousands of people are protesting, when in fact the street is almost empty.

“Al Jazeera is just a mirror of Qatar and its policies.

“Qatar aims to remap the region and force what it thinks is right.

“What is right for Qatar is political Islam, which although won votes in countries like Egypt and Tunisia, was also rejected by the very people who voted for them later when they realised they had no clear plan.

“The June 30 protests against the Muslim Brotherhood ruling in Egypt in 2013 were a shock for Qatar.

“It simply ended any hopes of seeing the group in power because it has been revealed.

“Qatar, therefore, decided to have a wild attitude and as we can see, since 2011 a country like Egypt has not witnessed a good day.”

Since last month, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Egypt have cut diplomatic and transport ties with Qatar for supporting terrorism and allying with Iran.

The four countries leading a boycott against Qatar put an initial list of 13 demands to end the diplomatic standoff.

Demands included shutting down Al Jazeera and closing a Turkish military base in Doha.

Qatar refused to accept the conditions, which resulted in the four states pledging further political, economic and legal steps against the emirate.

During the discussion, Mr Al Hammadi said people in the GCC were now wondering if Qatar was behind the killing of the soldiers who lost their lives in the Saudi-led operations to restore legitimacy in Yemen.

“Thirty pc of the operations against the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen were by militants supported by Qatar,” he claimed.

“It is unfortunate that the coalition has pointed out to the Qatari forces more than once that they are providing militants with the weapons that are killing our soldiers.

“However, Qatar never responded to that.”

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