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New shocking video of man picking vegetables from garbage for restaurant

Bahrain News
Tue, 22 Aug 2017
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YET another online video has surfaced of a man picking tomatoes from a garbage bin in Manama, allegedly to use them in his restaurant.

A male voice in the video identifies the man in a dark suit as the owner of a “popular restaurant”.

The one-minute-plus video, the second of its kind to go viral in five days, shows the man being helped by three other men.

“The owner of a known restaurant, looking for rotten tomatoes and taking them from the garbage, along with his people,” says the voice.

The GDN reported on Friday that a video of street vendors collecting dumped fruit and vegetables in Manama was doing the rounds on WhatsApp.

It showed around 10 expatriate men cleaning the vegetables and fruits – in an alley next to Al Jawahara building, opposite the Manama Central Market – to be allegedly sold as fresh produce.

The latest video has prompted a local human rights group to launch a campaign to educate people on their rights.

The Bahrain Human Rights Watch Society (BHRWS), which has named its campaign Be Right, Know Your Rights as a Citizen, has also demanded that the ministries of Health and Industry, Commerce and Tourism open an investigation into the video.

The social media campaign urges people to report such vices, and unite in exposing them.

“We are aiming to enlighten the public about their rights and the need for them to be reacting to situations like what we see in the video,” BHRWS secretary general Faisal Fulad told the GDN.

“The BHRWS received the video on Saturday showing a man wearing a suit collecting tomatoes from a garbage bin near the Manama Central Market.

“The voice in the video says that the man is a restaurant owner; does this mean that he is using the rotten tomatoes in his restaurant?

“If that’s not the case then why should he and his men be doing this?

“We have chosen this video as the first incident of our campaign and we call upon the ministries of Health and Trade (Industry, Commerce and Tourism) to open an investigation, so that the people involved are held accountable by law.”

Mr Fulad said the aim of the drive was to correct such “social abuses”.

“Everybody should understand that it is the right of every individual not to be subjected to social abuse.

“We should not be part of such vices neither should we support it with our silence.

“It is the responsibility of authorities and ministries to respond and act on such issues when highlighted.

“To ensure that they do it, we need to be alert and must keep exposing such issues.

“According to the constitution of Bahrain, everyone has the right to fair living and anything which is potentially affecting the people who live here in a negative way must be addressed – be it from individuals, ministries or official and non-official bodies.

“Our campaign calls people to learn and understand their rights, and further help one another in practising it in the right manner.

“We also urge public to share such videos so that people who engage themselves in such acts will think before they do it.

“Public can reach the BHRWS on 36633882 or 36455424 to share such incidents and we will be keeping a count of such issues that we receive, which will be forwarded to higher authorities after a certain period.”

A Health Ministry spokesman told the GDN that the issue did not concern them; it was instead under the scope of the Works, Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning Ministry which could not be reached for comment.

The GDN reported last week that Capital Trustees Board chairman Mohammed Al Khozaie confirmed the practice of dumped produce being resold in Bahrain.

However, he too said the issue did not fall under the board’s authority.

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