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A humorous look at marital crisis

Stephanie Sutcliffe

Author: Marian Keyes

Book: The Break

Classic Marian Keyes, The Break features humour carefully wrapped around a deeply serious topic.

Released at the beginning of September, it is the latest novel from this incredibly popular author, whose loyal fans have snapped up her 12 previous books and were eagerly awaiting the release of this book.

I have enjoyed many of Keyes’ books and this was no different.

The Break deals with the everyday ups and downs of a long marriage that has hit the rocks and sees the husband go through what looks to be a mid-life crisis brought on by a death in the family.

The storyline completely absorbed me and left me thinking about it perpetually to the very last page.

It really is a very well-written story that sees the author manage to accomplish narrating the heartbreak of a seemingly solid marriage breaking up with wit, alongside tough emotional pain.

Ms Keyes is talented when it comes to writing in a realistic relatable way.

I have no doubt that there is a book of hers that everyone out there will find all consuming for one reason or another.

Her quick wit and no prisoners approach to writing see her books feature hard-hitting topics, that still manage to leave her readers smiling, a talent I very much appreciate.

Fans like myself will know what to expect from one of her newer novels, but The Break surprised me in many ways.

Set in Ireland, the main protagonist is Amy, whose husband Hugh falls apart following the death of his father and decides to take a break from his entire life, which includes his wife and children.

Hugh decides to leave everything to travel around Asia, leaving his devastated wife to pick up the pieces back at home, while she wonders how she can’t take this revelation personally and how much could change in the six months he is away.

Bit by bit, Amy picks up the pieces and finds her new normal, which is gut-wrenching to read.

Her personality is gradually revealed as the author examines what love really is and what makes a marriage.

It also makes the reader consider what makes a family and friendship.

Ms Keyes has once again created human, flawed characters that are sure to evoke a strong response from the reader.

This is such skilled writing from one of my favourite authors.

Pick up a copy of The Break by Marian Keyes from for $20 or from