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GDN Reader's View: Media priorities?


Last week, a twin truck bomb claimed the lives of nearly 300 innocents and wounded around 200 in the Somali capital city of Mogadishu. It was the strongest blast in the impoverished country’s history to have the maximum number of people killed in one go.
Al Qaeda affiliated Al Shabab terrorist group was blamed for the carnage. However, this horrendous terrorist act has received little mainstream media attention. Hollywood’s Harvey Weinstein sexual assault allegations seem to have dominated front pages of mainstream news outlets with little attention paid to the Mogadishu carnage.
Writing in The Independent (October 17), Will Gore said ‘if such an attack took place in the UK, or elsewhere in Europe or frankly anywhere in the West, it would plainly have taken centre stage for weeks.’
Who cares what happened in a far area where Islamic terrorism and radicalism thrive? However, the fact is that these terrorist offshoots are those that can potentially attack Western targets when the opportunity comes. They can radicalise and recruit youths very easily, thus they represent the roots of terrorism. Unless they are uprooted from anywhere they arise, the world will not be a peaceful place.
The international community needs to give attention to terrorist activities wherever they occur and provide financial and logistical support to those governments that are targeted by terrorists. Last week,
Mogadishu was hit and nobody knows which city they next target.
The African continent in particular where dangerous terrorist organisations exist including the notorious Boko Haram in Nigeria, Al Shabab in Somalia and scores of other Al Qaeda affiliated groups in several countries pose a security threat to those countries and serve as a breeding ground for international terrorists.
The recent Somali incident shows that terrorist organisations can hit any target and challenges international community’s ability to confront the menace. A concerted effort against terrorists is the need of the hour.

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