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Lapses by legislative chambers are reported for the first time

Bahrain News
Wed, 06 Dec 2017

BAHRAIN’S two legislative chambers have been found to be in violation for the first time since their formation in 2002.

Irregular cuts made to wages, improper hiring mechanisms and MPs claiming reimbursements without providing evidence are some of the violations registered in parliament and the Shura Council by the Administrative and Financial Audit Bureau.

“Parliament has no clear mechanism in deductions made to monthly wages set-up by its chairman, which has meant that cuts were carried out on some members who missed weekly sessions or meetings without an excuse, while other offenders were left off the hook,” stated the report for 2016-2017.

“Also, new employees are being given an additional 20 to 100 per cent on the pay announced during appointment, which is a breach to the terms (of contract) and standard administrative procedures.

“Employees are also being given major vertical promotions despite not being compliant with regulations set-up by parliament, while some who have been handed disciplinary punishments were promoted (within a year).”

“The chairman has employed or appointed employees and senior officials without consulting with the administrative affairs directorate, while the same directorate initiated the employee of the month award without a decision from the general-secretariat office.”

The report also mentioned that MPs assigned to lead legislators on official trips abroad claimed reimbursements without providing receipts.

“The heads of these delegations are never doubted so even when documents are presented they are not revised, which is wrong,” added the report.

The Shura Council was also found at fault in its deductions to members’ salaries for not showing up for sessions.

“The council makes regular changes to its employment structure, introduced in 2014, that sees new directorates formed and employees being circulated around, which has seen a clear weakness in performances and inputs,” stated the report.

“New employees are hired without the administrative affairs directorate’s knowledge, while vacancies are not published in the local Press or on Shura’s website, while in numerous cases vacancies were filled without tests or interviews.”

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