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GDN Reader's View: When will we learn?

GDN Online Desk

Animal lovers are so frustrated and actually depressed with all this animal cruelty so prevalent in Bahrain. Daily nonsense in the paper of how stray dogs should be rounded up and killed, or poisoned where they sit. In fact, vehicles can often be seen deliberately driving at cats and dogs on roads. This shows signs of psychopathy. Dog and cock fights are all too common and ghouls look on in their hundreds. Donkeys beaten with hoses for pleasure. When will we learn to treat animals with love and when will we learn to accept fault for causing all this suffering?

Ninety-nine per cent of dogs in the world do NOT attack people. Many bark of course, but very few attack and bite unless provoked. People who attack or hurt dogs get their comeuppance generally by first taunting them or throwing stones. Dogs really don’t kill people. Cruel psychopathic people who train dogs to kill, cause attacks. When attacked, they complain; ‘Oh my sweet kid’, which you actually taught to behave in such a manner from the outset. This often results in the dog losing its life yet the vapid perpetrator gets clean away.

Stray dogs are not something that grow on trees, people make stray dogs and in our society we are by and large backward, ignorant hurtful people who didn’t care for them, yet they are all loving and devoted in most cases.

Yes, we the people caused this dog problem, not the dogs. Instead blame everything else other than our backward culture.

How many stray dogs are there in the US, Britain, Europe? It is only in third world countries we see packs of dogs roaming around. By and large, people in the so-called civilised world do not buy painted pets and day old chicks as toys for their children to torture, then throw them away when they become a problem. Here too, hideously cruel expatriates have been known to keep a dog or cat then discard it when they leave. This puts the animal under tremendous stress and they pain like humans, until survival eventually kicks in. Dogs and cats should be licensed and chipped. The end!

Pet shops should not be allowed to sell animals or birds at all! It is beyond cruel, yet here cruelty knows no bounds with caged animals and birds, fish in pokey little jars to please the children, while the shopkeepers are oblivious to the barbarism going on before them. It is astounding how exotic species are so abundantly available here when it is supposed to be banned,

It is Catch 22, because trying to educate a society to adopt animals is fruitless when that society is culturally not capable of loving animals in the first place. Animals have a right to live in peace and safety just as humans do, so feed them, gently catch them and neuter them is a much better idea. Oh no! That is religiously unacceptable, which is why we have an abundance of cats everywhere as well.

It is a shame that the mass who want to hurt dogs and claim to be afraid of them, will not be reading the GDN pages, but I dearly wish someone, somewhere could thump it into their heads that we as society created this problem, yet parliament and councillors appease the stupidity and indeed this gross cruelty.

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