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Statistics and all that jazz...

By Winfred Peppinck

Bravo the LRMA and the listing of rogue agencies, bringing in mainly construction workers and domestic staff, with promises of wages and conditions, which simply do not eventuate.

The LRMA, have drawn up a list of reputable agencies, and if people are not on the list, the business is no longer allowed to operate in Bahrain.

Any quote company so listed,” banned from operating in Bahrain.

And recruitment agents in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Philippines, Indonesia. and a number of African countries, will also be so advised.

Not on the list; dismissed.

Customs and immigration officials, at point of entry, will have copies of the list.

Cleaning up the “industry.”

The other surprising, and incredible statistic, was the revelation that there are the huge number of registered driving instructors,.

Talk about disguised unemployment!

No wonder the alarming figure of one third, of those who took the driving test, failed to get their license.

Perhaps that was on the first go, but maybe it was on the 10th term, after all, with so many driving instructors registered, probably good form to share the load, and the income of failure, around!

The other interesting statistic was that there now 457,520 vehicle inspections, and that 42,000 new vehicles registered in 2017, presumably didn’t require inspection.

Perhaps too, as in other countries, newly acquired vehicles, are exempt from vehicle inspection for a statutory period of years, unless, they are damaged in a motor vehicle accident.

And annual inspection, if they vehicle is being properly maintained, is statistically, a waste of time, although it does insure jobs are retained.

The owners of “off the plan,” purchased in the continuing “uncompleted properties,” have had some Good News from a senior official in the Ministry of Justice, about “progress” in resolving the long running dispute, especially in relation to Marina West.

Some very encouraging news indeed, judging from some of the owners’ correspondence in the GDN.

Now the importance of maintaining the momentum!

Good news to, from across the Causeway, with the Saudi Crown Prince’s crackdown on widespread corruption and clawing back to date, of $1.7 billion from “corrupt deals.”

Of the 381 high-profile people who were detained, in the salubrious Ritz-Carlton, some were released, and 56 have been sent to prison.

As reported, one of the wealthiest men in the world, Prince Alwaleed, was able to make a significant contribution of assets and finances restitution, to secure his release.

The exchange of accommodation, might make some of those imprisoned, on any allegedly, corruptly acquired assets or monies owing, more amenable to negotiate.

The assets acquired, will be used in extensive social security and educational institutions, to help the poor in society.

There will undoubtably be other details provided of features to ensure that greater tourism will be encouraged as well as favourable policies to ensure more money is spent at home, and not in foreign countries.

There is likely to be greater focus on foreign and defence policy issues.

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