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GDN Reader's View: Rounded youth...


Provision of high standard education equips the young with the required academic qualifications needed for future employment, which in turn assists them in contributing to the development and prosperity of a country.

Bahrain has and continues to provide the necessary infrastructure and financial supports for its young in all levels of the educational strata. The educational system in Bahrain is more advanced than the neighbouring countries. The GDN reported (February 19) that “about 40,000 students enrolled at the Bahrain University and 11 private universities come from the GCC and spend BD2 billion”. This piece of evidence supports that Bahrain is one of the countries offering top quality education in the region.

However, producing educated youth is one part of the required overall developments. Most of present-day youngsters lack basic etiquette when it comes to shouldering responsibilities, conserving the environment, respecting of the old and other social norms.

These and other similar social anomalies can be corrected by involving the young in some social activities including volunteer programmes. It is good news to hear that the Capital Governorate along with the UN offices in Bahrain has begun promoting volunteer work in the community (GDN, February 20).

Volunteer work will teach them something the youngsters have missed in formal classrooms. It’s imperative to inculcate in their mind a sense of responsibility, develop a feeling of belonging to the wider community and urge them to contribute something to the community’s good.

These and other social benefits of volunteer works mould the young into an all rounded youth, fully responsible citizens ready to tackle problems and contribute to the development of the nation.

A youngster involved in group beach cleaning is unlikely to dump waste at public areas. Similarly, one involved in group visits to social homes of the old learns to respect and help parents.

Affording good education in classrooms and instilling social responsibilities in communities are the programmes the government is using to produce responsible youngsters.

Such type of social responsibilities need parental support and with the unreserved assistance from the government, Bahrain is expected to have educated and well-mannered young ready to shoulder responsibilities in the future.


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