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GDN Reader's View: Wake-up call

Karim Mansouri

THIS refers to ‘Obesity fear,’ (GDN, February 17). There are many lifestyle issues that are not conducive to a healthy and prosperous country, and the article fails to mention many details about Bahrain that contributes to obesity and poor health generally; hence, loss of productivity for the entire country.

Such as people sleeping very late at night; I see many family events advertised starting after 5pm which go on until 10pm plus into the night. Lack of sleep is not conducive to one’s health. Weekend traffic says it all. Until 1pm Bahrain is a ghost town! People think that sleeping at work makes up for lack of sleep at night; well, scientific research consistently proves that it is best to sleep when the sun has set, when it is dark outside. Why are Olympics athletes so tightly monitored on their sleeping habits, because good deep sleep improves their performance.

The poor work ethic is also a psychological platform to obesity; people are not happy at their work, partly because they are tired. When I visit government offices, it is evident that people are just not interested in what they are doing, constantly on their smartphones, chatting to who knows what; hence, the import of hundreds of thousands of foreigners.

Do the research: The working day of the government says it all; go home by 2pm, most employees have already checked out mentally by 11am; more than half the day wasted. Is the poor work ethic caused by poor sleep habits?

Also, since we are exposed to numerous dust storms in Bahrain, and most of our dust comes from Kuwait and Iraq, and Americans have routinely been using depleted uranium in the munitions in Iraq; has there been any independent scientific research in Bahrain to determine how much radioactive contamination there is? Does depleted uranium contribute to obesity?

I spoke to a doctor in the US and he mentioned that he tested the blood of several American teachers in his small hometown – teachers who were in Iraq – and he found that they had depleted uranium in their blood, presumably from the contamination in Iraq during their time there. Again, what has been blown over to Bahrain? There is an interesting article, “Depleted Uranium and Radioactive Contamination in Iraq: An Overview,” by Prof Souad N Al Azzawi, in Global Research (August 22, 2017). It certainly makes me wonder if this affects our health in Bahrain.

So, best to change our government working hours from 8am to 5pm, with one hour for lunch. I understand that all the government employees, teachers, students – basically everybody – would be against this change. But that way, we will be more alert about what affects our health and we can work to a better future. If we are fully alert, maybe we could prevent these wars in our neighbourhood!

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