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Bahrain ‘top career choice for women’ among GCC nations

Bahrain News
Fri, 09 Mar 2018
Ghazi Alshehabi
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BAHRAIN was ranked the top GCC nation – and fourth globally – for expatriate women to pursue a career in, according to a new survey.

It was followed by Kuwait (21), the UAE (31), Saudi Arabia (35), Qatar (51) and Oman (52), said the annual Expat Insider survey conducted by InterNations, the world’s largest network for people who reside and work abroad.

Globally, Mexico topped the list of top 10 nations, followed by Myanmar, Cambodia, Bahrain, New Zealand, Kazakhstan, the UK, the US, Kenya and Ireland.

The study, based on insights of thousands of female expatriates living in up to 168 countries, also found that 51 per cent of working women were satisfied with their career opportunities overseas.

According to the survey, 38pc of women primarily moved to Bahrain for work-related reasons which was 14pc above the global average of 24pc.

Close to eight in 10 working women were generally satisfied with their jobs in Bahrain, 17pc more than the global average of 61pc, and 62pc of women working in Bahrain were satisfied with their job security compared to the global average of 57pc.

The data also showed that 65pc of women working in Bahrain were satisfied with their career prospects in the kingdom, which was 14pc higher than the global average, while 77pc expressed satisfaction with their work-life balance, significantly more than the 60pc global average.

“It was impressive to see that more than a quarter of all women living in Bahrain cite finding a job on their own as their main reason for moving there (27pc) – this is more than twice the global average of 11pc,” said InterNations founder and co-chief executive Malte Zeeck.

“Bahrain appears to be a great place for women looking for a good work-life balance; women have the shortest working week in any of the top 10 countries, as well as shorter working hours than in any other GCC state.

“It is interesting to see just how far ahead Bahrain is in terms of career prospects for women compared to any other GCC country,” said Mr Zeeck.

“It is clear that women working in Bahrain are a lot more optimistic about their future careers than women in other GCC countries. In Bahrain, 65pc of women view their career prospects positively, but only between 36pc and 49pc say the same in any other GCC member state.”

Women in Bahrain mainly work in education (38pc), healthcare (14pc) and the hospitality sector (10pc).

Close to half the women working in Bahrain say their income was a lot higher than it would be in a similar job at home (45pc) – almost double the global average (24pc).

However, only 15pc of women in Bahrain have a yearly household income of more than $100,000 which is lower than global average of 17pc.

Nevertheless, 16pc of women who took part in the survey said their disposable household income was a lot more than needed for daily expenses, whereas only 9pc felt this way globally.

The rankings were based on a satisfaction with career prospects, weekly full-time working hours and the salary level.

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