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Witchcraft probe call

Bahrain News
Mon, 09 Nov 2015
By Mohammed Al A’Ali
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Bahrain: An investigation into suspected witchcraft has been demanded after a collection of what appear to be talismans featuring women’s names washed up on a Bahrain shore.

The items were discovered on the Budaiya coast on Saturday and are believed to have drifted in from the sea. 

Area MP Hamad Al Dossary revealed they had since been burnt amid concerns that black magic was involved, saying they appeared “Satanic”.

He described the objects as parcels featuring different women’s names, each containing paper on which the same name is written several times in an unusual style of calligraphy.

“The talismans drifted to the coast after heavy winds and arrived in large quantities on the beach all at once,” Mr Al Dossary told the GDN yesterday.

“The mysterious thing about the talismans is that they all had female names and were wrapped in a Satanic way, which raises the issue of whether witchcraft and sorcery is being practised in Bahrain as a profession.

“Whatever was collected, families on the beach destroyed it immediately by burning – but more could come unless the issue is investigated and its source identified.

“Those practices died out a while ago, but due to stupidity and lack of awareness have returned as businesses – with people seeking to change their fate, get revenge or cause harm to others.”

The MP is now asking for the incident to be probed by both the Interior Ministry and the Works, Municipalities and Urban Planning Affairs Ministry.

He also suggested increased monitoring of the coastline and urged community leaders to step up efforts to discourage people from dabbling in the dark arts. 

“We could witness another wave (of talismans), not just on the Budaiya coast but somewhere else in Bahrain,” he said.

“The two ministries responsible for security and coastal protection have to take action.

“Clergymen and intellectuals also have to take a stand within the community by highlighting the fact that God – and only God – has the power to change people’s lives and that witchcraft and sorcery has no power or effect, except to scare people.

“We have to combat those practices in any shape or form before they get revived and arrest all those promoting or practising them because they take Bahrain into the dark ages.” 

He also revealed that MPs were discussing new legislation to tackle witchcraft, which is already illegal in Bahrain.

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