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Hammer murderer wanted to 'kill as many foreigners' as he could

Bahrain News
Thu, 14 Jun 2018
Noor Zahra

A BAHRAINI on trial for bludgeoning two expats to death with a hammer has told investigators he wanted to “kill as many foreigners as I could”.

The 24-year-old’s chilling confession was made during questioning at the Public Prosecution, disturbing details of which were obtained exclusively by the GDN.

He told investigators he was driven by a hatred that stemmed from being sacked from his job.

“In my latest job I would get a BD300 salary, but I was fired three months after joining,” he said in his statement.

“This caused me to hate foreigners because they were still working, while I was fired.

“I then decided to kill as many foreigners as I could.”

The defendant had already mugged one victim in Karbabad before he embarked on his brutal spree on March 28, when he drove his car into an Asian man in Manama – pinning him between two vehicles.

However, the victims of the first two attacks survived.

“I managed to crush him between two cars and told him to give me his money,” the defendant said as he recounted the March 28 attack.

“He could not resist me because he was stuck between two cars.

“I took BD16 that was in his wallet and left him in the street before fleeing, but he did not die.”

The defendant said he decided to kill his next two victims so they could not identify him to police.

“I decided I needed to kill my victims properly, so they could not report me to police,” he said.

“I armed myself with a steel hammer from my house and I went to Tubli.”


The body of the first murder victim, Indian Sajat Ali, was found on March 29 in Tubli.

In his statement the defendant described sneaking up on Mr Ali from behind before repeatedly smashing his head with the hammer.

“I saw that a cleaner (Mr Ali) was collecting cardboard boxes from a garbage bin and I decided he was going to be the one to kill,” he recalled. “I sneaked up behind him and he attempted to move away, but I quickly struck him eight times over the head.

“Blood was gushing from his head and it covered the hammer and my clothes.

“It took exactly 15 seconds to kill him. I only stopped when I heard his skull cracking.

“However, I did not find any money in his possession.”

He described a similar attack in Jeblat Habshi two weeks later, which claimed the life of 57-year-old Indian Mohammed Khan.

“On April 13 I decided to kill again, after policemen stopped calling me regarding my first two muggings,” he said.

“I saw an Asian man on his bike outside my home in Jeblat Habshi on April 13, armed myself with the hammer and followed him.

“I struck him eight times over the head and it took me 15 seconds to kill him.

“He was making a weird sound and I could see his skull from the beating he took.


“I then stole BD25 from his wallet.”

The defendant is standing trial for premeditated murder in the High Criminal Court.

However, during his first appearance yesterday he pleaded not guilty and judges adjourned the trial until September 5 for review.