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Maid jumps out of third floor window to escape abusive employer

Bahrain News
Mon, 25 Jun 2018
By Raji Unnikrishnan

A DOMESTIC worker jumped from a third floor window in an attempt to escape her employer who allegedly tried to strangle her.

The Ethiopian national, aged 26, suffered fractures and bruises during the incident on June 15 and was taken to the BDF Hospital, where she underwent surgery.

The woman, who worked for a Bahraini family in Riffa for the last six months, claimed that she faced repeated physical and verbal abuse.

She also alleged that on the day of the incident her employer attempted to strangle her which forced her to jump from the third floor window.

Ethiopian Embassy honorary consul Esky Dubois told the GDN yesterday that she had no other options but to take the woman to her home in Seef because she was unfit to stay in a shelter after the hospital discharged her.

“Her medical condition was unfit to move her to a shelter, so we had no choice but to take her to my home,” said Ms Dubios.

“Her physical condition is very bad, she needs help to move and needs a person to assist her to the toilet, all of which we had to take care of and we had to get her a wheel chair.

“We contacted the (recruitment) agency that brought her here but they said they were not responsible as it was beyond the agreed contract time.


“Her sponsor filed a case against her when she was in hospital and she gave her statement when they questioned her in the hospital.

“The man reportedly told the police that she tried to escape with some money that she stole.”

However, the 26-year-old maid claimed that her employer demanded BD500 to allow her to leave the job and allegedly threatened to kill her.

“He took my phone away and I was not allowed to contact my family, and he sent voice messages and his bank account to my family members demanding to send BD500 immediately,” alleged the mother of a three-year-old son, who hails from Hayq, Wollo Province in northern Ethiopia.

“On that day he strangled me asking me why my family has not sent the money yet, and I begged him for my phone to call them.

“He gave me permission for one call and I decided to call my agency for help, but they refused.

“I was so scared and did not want to die, so I jumped from the window, definitely not to die, but to escape.”

Meanwhile, Migrant Workers Protection Society chairwoman Marietta Dias said the woman’s medical condition was not ideal to keep her at their shelter.

“The shelter is small and she needs medical care and I think in such cases, the hospital is the best place,” she told the GDN.

“This is a classic case of many violations that’s happening with domestic workers.

“Starting with abuse, demanding money and threat.

“Her passport is with the sponsor, which is again another violation.”

The employer could not be reached for a comment.

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