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GDN Reader's View: Another view

Karim Mansouri

Russian President Putin is an intelligent humanitarian concerned not only about the Russian people but also all of humanity – something that is completely lacking in leaders of America and the European Union.
One only needs to look at Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Syria, Palestine, Lebanon and Burma, to name a few, to appreciate how little these leaders care, and the Arab World, generally, is open to bombardment at will, by these leaders.

The article “Shock as Trump backs Putin,” (GDN, July 17), is no shock. And, the hysteria with the Zionist Globe media about Trump’s words for Russia is laughable, but sad, as the American and European populations actually believe their propaganda machines, totally anti-Russian, anti-Chinese, anti-Muslim, anti-Arab World, using the GCC as their cow to be milked at will.

I advise that people read a book by former US congressman, Paul Findley, They Dare To Speak Out, along with Pawns in the Game. The governments of America and the EU have been hijacked by international bankers, Wall Street people, and instead of joining China and Russia in Silk Road projects, developments for the improvements of humanity, they are stuck in weaponising, feeding their military industrial complex, and “if you don’t do as we say, we will bomb you!” – For your own good, see Libya, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Palestine.

President Putin indeed should be backed by all, especially Arabs, who should get very close with Russia and China, economically and politically, if the West (defined by the BBC as America, Britain and France), will permit close Arab ties with China and Russia.

Congratulations President Putin for the excellent hosting of the World Cup! I think all enjoyed it, except the leaders of America and the European Union...

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