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GDN Reader's View: Unfair criticism


This refers to ‘Wake-up call’ by Bu Ali, (GDN, August 24), commenting on my letter ‘An inhuman act’, (GDN, August 12), regarding the killing and dismembering of an imam by a muezzin.
There was nothing in my piece that points to racism or generalisation, neither did it contain new information.

It merely vocalised public opinion on the subject at that time in our society.

I have worked in the media for the last 30-plus years, fighting discrimination and promoting democracy and justice.

I have first-hand experience of how racism feels and never want anyone to experience such suffering.

My late professor used to warn us to avoid two things in the media: discrimination and generalisation.

He said that “even if you are sure of an event, use words such as likely, seemingly, apparently, allegedly, probably, etcetera to be on the safe side”.

That piece of advice still reverberates in my mind.

Back to the subject. In the third paragraph of my letter I said I have high respect for Bangladeshis working in the kingdom. Let me add to that all human beings everywhere, for that matter.

However, Bahrain is witnessing hitherto unknown crimes and in most of them Bangladeshis are implicated. Why?

I suggested the Bangladesh Embassy and immigration officials need to address and fix the problem.

This doesn’t amount to racism.

A few days later, and as a result of investigations and pieces of evidence gathered, the Bahrain government imposed restrictions on expats – including Bangladeshis – coming to Bahrain.

Existing security and social issues need to be fixed. Should the government’s action be considered racism? 

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