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Key debate issues at UK house of commons

Bahrain News
Thu, 13 Sep 2018
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BELOW are excerpts from some of the key issues raised by British MPs during a debate on Bahrain’s rights records at the House of Commons.

MP Bob Stewart:

“Bahrain is now a major target for Iranian subversion. That threat is ongoing and very real. We should not forget that.”

“It is true that Bahrain has banned some opposition parties from standing in the election, but I think those parties advocated or supported violence.

“I can understand that. I do not think that we in the UK would take kindly to any political party that advocated violence standing in our general elections either.

“The fact of the matter is that we need Bahrain more than Bahrain needs us. Bahrain is very successful without us.

“I remind the House (of Commons) that it has taken us 800 years to get our human rights in order. Bahrain started in 1971. We want the process to be as fast as possible, but let us have evolution rather than revolution, because revolution is very dangerous.”

MP Rehman Chisthi:

“We went to the Hindu mandir (temple) in Bahrain. We met members of the minority religious communities to hear what they had to say.

It is one thing to sit in Westminster and say that this is what is being written in the papers or said elsewhere, but this is about engaging and listening to people.”

“Thanks to Bahrain’s work on human trafficking, it is now rated on par with Germany, the UK and other developed countries by the US State Department.”

MP Leo Docherty:

“When we travel to Bahrain, we see a young country that has achieved remarkable development in a very short time.”

“It is a tragedy that, since 2011 in particular, political groups and those seeking to engage in politics have been militarised by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps from Iran, and sectarian divides that were not there before have been created and exploited.”

“I have seen Iranian-supplied munitions, explosives and improvised explosive device materials brought into the kingdom by boat by IRGC operatives and, fortunately, seized by members of the security forces.”

“Bahrain is at the frontline of Iranian subversion, which is a pitched military battle in which many Bahraini security personnel have become casualties.”

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