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Small SUVs mingle with Bugatti, McLaren supercars in Geneva Auto Show

By DAVID McHUGHAP Business Writer
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Motoring: Small SUVs mingle with Bugatti, McLaren supercars in Geneva Auto Show
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This undated photo provided by McLaren Automotive Limited shows a McLaren 570 GT that will be presented at the Geneva Auto Show which starts on Monday, Feb. 29, 2016. The 570 GT is a fast two-seater that reaches 100 kph (62 mph) in only 3,4 seconds. (McLaren Automotive Limited via AP)


It wouldn't be an auto show without stunning vehicles like Bugatti's Chiron, the successor to its 258-mph Veyron supercar. Photos show a low-slung sports car with a wrap-around windshield and the distinctive oval Bugatti front grille.

McLaren is offering the 570GT, a sleek two-seater that reaches 100 kph (62 mph) in only 3.4 seconds. The company says it aimed to make a car that's comfortable for weekend trips and long-distance drives, despite its racing-level performance. They gave it eight-way adjustable power seats, a touchscreen to control air conditioning and music, a large glass rear hatch to let in light and create a relaxed environment, and a lower door sill to make it easier to climb in and out.

Prices start at $199,950; the company is taking orders for delivery globally in late 2016.


Auto executives say their industry is on the verge of wide-ranging transformation powered by the Internet, information technology and changing attitudes toward the automobile. There will be much talk of such themes in Geneva, but the actual vehicles, businesses and technologies may take years to appear.

U.S. automaker General Motors is experimenting with a car-sharing program called Maven, in which people reserve cars using an app and then use their phones to unlock and drive the vehicle.

Consulting firm EY and Swiss think tank Rinspeed are showcasing their Etos concept of a self-driving sports car that has a retractable steering wheel that clears more space for the driver, an entertainment system that anticipates user preferences and an on-board drone with its own landing platform. In one sign of the increasing convergence of tech and autos, the car has already been seen by the public — at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

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