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Small SUVs mingle with Bugatti, McLaren supercars in Geneva Auto Show

By DAVID McHUGHAP Business Writer
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Motoring: Small SUVs mingle with Bugatti, McLaren supercars in Geneva Auto Show
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In this undated photo provided by BMW AG a BMW M760Li xDrive is pictured that will be presented at the Geneva Auto show which starts on Monday, Feb. 29, 2016. The car can come with a 12-cylinder engine _ as plug-in hybrid. (BMW AG via AP)


BMW is offering its large 7-Series sedan as a plug-in hybrid, for which it will even come install a charging station at your house. The vehicle uses technology from the Munich-based company's all-electric i-series models such as the i3 and the i8, including light-weight materials and battery and charging technology.

Analyst Urquhart says higher-price brands are combining efficient technology with high power as a selling point, "so it's smart performance, and not just out-and-out performance." The robust acceleration of electric motors is an added advantage.

For those who just want the power, BMW offers a 7-Series M version — the company's performance designation — with a 12-cylinder, 600-horsepower gasoline engine that will accelerate to 100 kph (62 mph) in a brisk 3.9 seconds.

Electric and hybrid vehicles accounted for only 119,600 out of the 13.7 million vehicles sold in the EU last year. But the numbers are growing rapidly and carmakers say they need to develop alternative technologies to position themselves for the future.

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