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Happy 10th Birthday: Six amazing facts about Twitter

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Tech Talk: Happy 10th Birthday: Six amazing facts about Twitter
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The reigning queen of Twitter for some time has been singer Katy Perry, whose followers now number more than 84 million.

Justin Bieber ranks second with 77 million, and Taylor Swift third at 72 million. The @BarackObama account, which is run by the US president's entourage, holds the number four spot with 71 million. among official public figures, the most popular after Obama is Queen Rania of Jordan with 4.6 million followers, the British prime minister's office with 4.3 million and... the late president Hugo Chavez of Venezuela at 4.2 million, even though his account has been inactive since he died in 2013.

Among the current White House contenders, Republican Donald Trump has some seven million followers to just 944,000 for rival Ted Cruz. In the Democratic camp, Hillary Clinton has amassed 5.7 million followers to 1.7 million for rival Bernie Sanders.

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