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5 healthy food misconceptions, according to nutritionists

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Health: 5 healthy food misconceptions, according to nutritionists
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It’s difficult for hungry customers when it comes to eating well, with so many different options it’s hard to tell what is actually good for you and what is just false advertising. According to NPR the FDA sent the nutty snack company ‘Kind Bars’ warnings, accusing it of mislabeling its products as "healthy" as the government agency believes the bars are too fatty to be considered so.

Holistic nutrition counselor Jennifer Schonborn, dietitian Jennifer Calo of Compass Nutrition, and dietitian Lauren Thomas of Nutrition Energy, recently spoke to lifestyle website Mashable to tell us which foods are actually not as healthy as they appear and what is a good alternative.  

Smoothies or Juice

‘Juicing’ is a big health fad right now, with the idea of consuming your meals in liquid form to help stay healthy. "When you juice fruit, you strip out the fiber, causing a more rapid spike in blood sugars and insulin levels," says dietician Jennifer Calo. "Juicing multiple fruits at once is definitely too much sugar from the fructose."

“My motto is 'Do not drink your calories'," she says. To be more satisfied, Calo insists people eat a salad or a pear or apple with its skin still on, and to spread out fruit and veggie intake throughout the day.

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