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10 things every Emirates ID holder MUST KNOW!

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All UAE residents are provided Emirates IDs, but many do not know the 10 basic regulations associated with it.

The Federal Law No. 9 of 2006 regarding Population Register and ID Card System and its executive regulation, stipulates the following regulations: 

1. Do not to tamper with, erase, amend or distort the ID card

2. Carry the ID card at all times and produce it whenever required by law

3. Abide by the dates and legal procedures required for renewing, replacing or delivering the ID card

4. Report any change in his/her details of the card to the competent department in Emirates ID within one month from the date of change

5. Report the loss of card to Emirates ID service point within 7 days from the date of loss

6. Apply for a replacement for the damaged or lost card and pay proper fees in addition to submitting a declaration that the ID card is not taken or reserved at any authority or organization

7. Notify the nearest Emirates ID service point within seven days if the ID card is partially or entirely damaged so that it can’t be used for the purpose it is made for. In this case, the card holder should apply for a replacement for damaged or lost card and pay proper fees.

8. One must not leave the ID card at any organisation unless there is a decision or judgment passed by a competent court

9. If you find an ID card, you have to hand it to the nearest Emirates ID service point or the nearest police station.

10. All ID card holders must abide by the above directions. Legal guardian or his replacement should assume the responsibility of implementing the above directions.

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