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9 tricks to jump-start weight loss (even before you start a diet)

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Health: 9 tricks to jump-start weight loss (even before you start a diet)
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Purge your kitchen

Review your food diary and toss any temptations lurking in your kitchen. “Put some thought into what foods might be your triggers,” says Phyl London, a Level IV Master Trainer specializing in Pilates and Group Exercise instruction who created Bodiphy®, a program that brings you through Pilates, Barre, strength, and alignment training.

“Chocolate and ice cream can be in my house for days and I won’t overeat them,” says London. “For me, I can’t have tortilla chips, pretzels, or pita chips in the house. Those are the kinds of foods that I would overeat if I came home tired from a long day at work.

” Then restock your fridge and cabinets with healthy fare like vegetables, fruits, whole grains, lean meats, and low-fat dairy foods. “Get creative when you set up your fridge,” says Frey. “Put healthy low-calorie snacks in front so you’ll see them first when you open the refrigerator door. Then put less healthy foods away in drawers and low shelves so you see them less often.” 

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