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Motion-sensor bombs in huge arms cache

Bahrain News
Wed, 13 Apr 2016
Noor Zahra

Bahrain: MOTION-SENSOR bombs were recovered from a house in Bahrain during a police raid in which explosives and materials equivalent to 222kg of TNT were seized, it has emerged.  

The high-tech munitions were recovered from a house in Dar Kulaib last June and 11 Bahrainis are now standing trial in connection with the huge weapons cache.

A police detective told the High Criminal Court yesterday that fingerprints of three of the defendants were found on the equipment during a forensic sweep. 

The investigating officer testified that the terrorist cell was led by two of the defendants, aged 25 and 32, who are both still at large and believed to be sheltering in Iran.

“They established the terror cell after 2011 unrest and recruited the rest of the defendants,” the detective told judges yesterday.

“They all received militia training in Iraq and Iran.

“They were planning to cause explosions in Bahrain to create havoc.

“Three of the defendants’ fingerprints were lifted off explosives they stashed in the house in Dar Kulaib.”

He said the 25-year-old’s fingerprints were found on 10 electrical circuits used to remotely detonate bombs, as well as 11 motion-sensor explosives and car alarm systems used to remotely detonate explosives.

The officer added that fingerprints of another 25-year-old defendant, a computer programmer, were also lifted from a box containing

Those of a 23-year-old defendant were found on a letter that included information about collecting “sensitive materials”.

“Fingerprints were lifted off a letter which said: ‘Don’t pass by Sitra there are checkpoints, I placed a sensitive material for you and labelled a bag and another that is half-sensitive’,” said the

“The rest of the letter read: ‘We will prepare the rest of the stuff and, God willing, we will succeed.’”

All 11 Bahrainis have been charged with possessing a large quantity of explosives and bomb-making materials and being part of a foreign-backed terrorist cell. 

They all are said to have received militia training in camps belonging Hizbollah and Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and the group’s activities came to light following the arrest of two defendants allegedly attempting to smuggle explosives into Saudi Arabia across King Fahad Causeway on May 8 last year.

The same detective earlier told prosecutors the defendants had amassed a stockpile of explosives and were plotting a series of bombings around Bahrain.

Nine of them are in police custody and one, a chemistry graduate, earlier admitted that he rented an apartment from his uncle for BD120 a month to stash weapons and explosives.

Police discovered a secret room in the apartment where C4, commercial detonators, advanced circuitry, chemicals and mobile phones were stashed.

The two defendants still at large include Murtadha Majeed Ramadhan Al Sindi, 32, who was previously sentenced to life in jail and had his Bahraini nationality revoked for working with the IRGC.

The other is Qassim Abdullah Ali, 25, who has also been sentenced to life imprisonment in absentia on terrorism charges in a separate case.

Judges yesterday adjourned the trial until May 12 to deliver a verdict.

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