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An anxious time...

By Reem Antoon

ACCORDING to a Washington-Post-ABC News poll nearly seven in 10 Americans say the idea of Donald Trump becoming president makes them anxious.

The Post-ABC poll finds 69 per cent of Americans feel anxious about a Trump presidency, while three in 10 are comfortable with the idea, both similar to a Post-ABC poll earlier this year.

Few of the top presidential contenders inspire great comfort with the public at-large. Nearly half say they feel anxious about Ted Cruz as president (49pc), while 48pc say the same of Marco Rubio.

To the catalogue of anxieties her patients explore during therapy – marriage, children and careers – American psychologist Alison Howard is now listening to a new source of stress: The political rise of Trump!

Although I may be lucky not to have to vote for America’s next president, I cannot help but cringe at the fact that Trump may in fact one day be president!

I never liked him as a person, but my dislike for the real estate magnate increases dozen fold every time I hear his verbal diarrhoea on TV!

What surprises me is how a US presidential hopeful gets away with saying an awful lot of questionable things just because...Well in actual fact there is no because.

Why should someone running for president be allowed to entice people to hate one another and encourage physical confrontations, when individuals are being punished, arrested and jailed for saying much less!? Pretty much everything that comes out of his mouth is offensive and evil in one way or another. 

He stirs people up. And when we are teaching our children to behave appropriately and are told our whole lives not to say bad things about people and not to be bullies, or not to judge a book by its cover he walks in!

A radio disc jockey in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, last month launched a website inviting Americans to relocate if Trump wins. Over several weeks, some 400,000 visitors have checked out Cape Breton’s official website – 100,000 more than all of last year.

It is actually worrying to think that this 70-year-old may one day be representing America in the community of nations, making decisions of war and peace and deciding which regulations are enforced and which are lifted. He seems to think every question thrown at him is rhetoric and instead of giving a solution he points out the problem. When he is at the podium he almost always points out the negative rather than the positive. It is not his complete lack of shame that gets me but how he responds to people in general. 

To be honest, watching him at a rally I cannot help but think of hooligans at a football match or a Klu Klux Klan rally, or a gathering of the Hammerskin Nation!

When the world is rallying around one another opposing extremism in all its forms, you get a grown man who is hoping to run a country one day, telling people ‘to throw a tomato, knock the crap out of them, would you?”

“There are no consequences to protesting anymore,” Trump says from a podium, as protesters are taken out. “Our country has to toughen up, folks, we have to toughen up. These people are bringing us down,  these people are so bad for our country, you have no idea, folks. You have no idea.”

 These people? Are they not Americans with the same rights but with different views? So where is the democracy?  

This grown man, who obviously will only tolerate applause, flattery, adulation and worship, is nothing more than a bully and a thug himself. 

It is truly hard to believe and utterly sad to actually think that this man might actually be voted President of the US... it boggles the mind! 

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