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We want peace


This refers to ‘US ignoring its commitments to GCC’ (GDN, April 10). National Unity Assembly president Dr Shaikh Abdullatif Al Mahmood mentioned that America is failing to be a just and honourable leader and protector of world and the GCC, in particular. It seems that America sees itself in this position by having all these military bases around the world.

It is worth if readers study some well-written documented books, such as The Creature from Jeckyll Island, Killing Hope: US Military and CIA, Interventions since the Second World War, and the True Story of the Bilderberg Group to get a better idea of what Dr Shaikh Abdullatif is missing in his comments.

America and the European Union are controlled by the Rothschild Rockefeller and Bilderberg Group. The mainstream media in the US and Europe will not touch this discussion, hence, we are lucky that the GDN will permit it.

So, we have sectarian conflicts all over the Middle East, various countries demolished such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Tunisia, and under threat are Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and the rest of the GCC.

Who is selling all these weapons? 

Who controls all our banks, SWIFT, Visa and MasterCards? (Note: Rothschild mentions that if you can control a man’s money, you control the man.) When America started imposing sanctions on Russia, Visa and MasterCard were quick to stop service to various Russians that were “friends of” President Putin. 

Visa and MasterCard also stopped dealing with WikiLeaks (Julian Assange). Russia and China are wise to start their own card system, and are also working on a gold based currency, away from the Casino Finance that Rothschild Rockfeller have imposed on the US and Europe. Why was Libya’s Moammar Gadaffi murdered? Was it because of his proposed African dinar based on gold?

Why were the “Panama Papers” only recently released though they were in the possession of 300-400 journalists, national security administration for over a year? 

Is it because Russia was successful in Syria, so let’s send in some smoke screens or to send a message to the BRIC countries to be more subservient to Rothschild Rockefeller Bilderberg Group?

For all the Indians in Bahrain, Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave a speech in the US, at the Council on Foreign Affairs, which is a front for the Rothschild Rockefeller Bilderberg Group, whose policies the State Department follows. Is Modi a committed stooge of Rothschild et al?

So, in the same GDN, (Page 3), we have “Terrorists ‘a serious threat to sea traffic’”. So now we bring in B52 bombers, to Qatar, and strategically bomb camel jockies into oblivion. That is what Arabs are referred to in America?

Bringing hospitals, roads, schools, footballs for children instead of B52 bombers and all these weapons would do more to promote peace and harmony in the Middle East.

Yes, the Middle East must get close to China and Russia as the future is bleak with America and the European Union, who are in the clutches of the Rothschild Rockefeller Bilderberg Group. 

And please, do not talk about democracy, people want to live in peace with adequate healthcare, education and a future. 

Democracy has nothing to promote peace in this world.

Karim Mansouri

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