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  • aries


    Though a situation can reveal a need for action, you might find you struggle to get going for as Mars and Neptune combine they can engender a more laid back attitude. This could veer all towards complacency unless you stay aware of the reality of situations. React however, and you could turn this disadvantage to your advantage.
  • taurus


    Feelings could override logic and may work against you unless you can step back and get a clear perspective of what's really going on. It's also possible that someone with a magnetic aura could get you to sign up for a plan or idea that might not be in your best interests. Take a second opinion, it will help to clarify things.
  • gemini


    If you have a choice between going out and doing something fun or staying at home and generally chilling out, then you might be tempted to choose the latter. Nevertheless, there may be recipes to try out, cupboards to clean or a craft project to enjoy. Yet any of these can bring a satisfying and pleasant sense of achievement.
  • cancer


    The Quarter Moon can spotlight a difference of opinion with someone in the family, which could affect your schedule for the day. Vague ideas and woolly promises can also increase frustration and might lead to wasted opportunities, unless you're up for taking charge. If you do, the hours ahead could be pleasingly, productive.
  • leo


    As Mars Neptune shimmer, care needs to be taken when purchasing big-ticket items, even though they may seem perfect for fulfilling a long held fantasy. Whether you want to look cool, listen to great music or enjoy the latest gadget be sure what you're buying is the genuine article and really does cater to your needs.
  • virgo


    The buoyant line-up in your sign suggests you'll be eager to set off in search of pleasurable diversions, whether that means heading off for parts unknown, indulging in a spot of shopping, or enjoying a special treat. However, you may be the happiest if you pursue a project that generates a significant amount of passion.
  • libra


    Duties and responsibilities may conflict with personal preferences and today's Quarter Moon can see you struggling to make decisions about how best to use the hours ahead. Greater consideration can see you discover that what seemed urgent actually really isn't and you do have more time than you thought to chill out.
  • scorpio


    Have you been sweeping problems under the proverbial rug concerning a friendship or a developing romance? If so, advice from someone who knows you well may help bring you down to earth, alerting you to the need to actually do something. Indeed, a heart-to-heart with this person could soon get you back on track.
  • sagittarius


    With Saturn re-established in your sign, you may notice a new resolve encouraging you to move ahead with key plans. If you follow through on this over the weeks and months ahead by taking regular action you might surprise yourself at how successful you can be. Don't allow others to discourage you with negative talk.
  • capricorn


    Though you seem focused and quite determined when contemplating a future plan or a chance to expand your horizons, in practice it might be difficult to get your thoughts together. Neptune's influence can sap your resolve, which might see you putting things off indefinitely. Be determined not to prevaricate on key strands.
  • aquarius


    Rather than get involved in complex plans that lead to nothing, you might find the day unfolds on a happier note if you opt for simple ideas and projects. Go with the flow and try not to give yourself more work than is necessary. Indeed, you might find greater enjoyment in activities that are rich in experience and cost very little.
  • pisces


    Neptune's retrograde can see you yearning for more meaning or could inspire you to embrace spiritual disciplines or meditate. The urge to escape from too many problems might also be another reason why you want to keep things low key. However, someone may still want to know how you are, so keep people in the loop.


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