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    Your social life sizzles with promise, meaning this and the coming weeks can be an opportunity to make new friends or get involved with the local community. Social media and online activities also look positive and can help you forge ahead with various interests and ideas. You may still have responsibilities, but good company should help you breeze through them with ease Aries.

    As the Moon aligns with the lively Mercury and impressionable Neptune, you can find yourself soaking up the advice of a friend, especially if you are uncertain what to do next. It may be just as well to leave any decisions for a few days though, as they may sound all-knowing, but could be just as doubtful as you. What can make a difference is doing your own research Taurus.

    Although you may be determined to forge ahead with a goal or even a deadline, the cosmic outlook suggests you could get distracted through no fault of your own. You may find you accomplish more if you take a break from key tasks and go on a trip or do something a little more exciting. All this can refresh you, your spirits can soar, and you could find you get a lot more done as a result.

    With the Sun joining lovely Venus in a sensitive sector, you may begin to feel more upbeat when it comes to a key relationship or to financial matters. This warm and positive blend of energies can invite you to draw closer and become more intimate with a certain person, or encourage you to discuss any money issues with someone who may be able to put your mind at ease Cancer.
  • LEO

    The focus on your sector of relating sparkles, with the Sun and convivial Venus bringing out the best in your interactions with others. This weekend can be especially delightful and could see you organizing a gathering for others, or accepting an invite that looks to be a warm and delightful occasion. Regarding any key tasks, checking those details can ensure good progress.

    Lifestyle issues may move further up your list of priorities, and can see you taking steps to make your days more comfortable. The coming weeks might be a time of taking stock and of considering how you might alter you habits or rearrange your schedule to enjoy more time to yourself. Having friends or a partner accompany you in your quest for fitness, can be good too.

    With the Moon in your sector of planning and organization aligning with the inquisitive Mercury and nebulous Neptune, it can pay you to look into a certain matter thoroughly. You may be very tempted to go with the flow. In fact, nothing could be easier than hoping for the best. However, it would be better for you if you can be more thorough, as you could lose out if you don't Libra.

    With a delightful blend of energies in your home zone, you might enjoy having friends around, especially over the coming four weeks. This can also be an excellent time to mend any relationships that could require some attention. And inviting the person in question for a get-together or a meal over coming days, may be an excellent opportunity to get things right back on track.

    With the Moon merging with dreamy Neptune in your domestic sector, it would be no surprise if you felt like nestling under the covers and enjoying a duvet day. This very relaxing blend of energies can cause energy levels to dip slightly, so you may be more inclined to read, watch a movie or generally enjoy doing nothing much. However, this can act as a restorative too Archer.

    With a focus on your sector of communication, you could find it hard to settle down to tasks that require concentration. You might even find yourself looking for a means of escape or a distraction to keep you occupied. Bearing this in mind, it might be a good day for running short errands, as the more variety you can introduce into your schedule, the more you'll likely get done.

    With the Sun and sociable Venus in your sign, the coming weeks can see you keen to reach out to others and perhaps eager to move in new circles. This weekend may be particularly relaxing and enjoyable though, if you are spending time with friends and family and ready to take life at an easier pace. You may notice a renewed interest in your goals and a willingness to take action.

    With the Sun now joining Venus in a more secluded sector, you are in that phase of the year when the cosmos encourages you to get more rest if possible. The coming months can be a really excellent opportunity to look back over the past months, to reflect on your priorities and to look to the future too. This is also one of the better times to release anything that no longer serves.

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