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    As the Moon glides into Scorpio and the Sun aligns with Neptune, you may feel like being on your own over the next day or so. However, rather than being a negative event, this could be a positive one. If you're spending a lot of time with a certain person, then giving each other some space can help enliven and rejuvenate your relationship.

    A friendship may be causing more concern than it needs to. Furthermore, it may be down to a misunderstanding rather than there being anything tangible to worry about. Even so, mulling over this issue can give you a sense of perspective that might have been lacking. And, if you're still feeling uncertain, collecting your thoughts can help pinpoint why.

    It's possible you're feeling somewhat disconnected from someone, perhaps because you don't agree with them on a number of important issues. Saturn's powerful presence in your zone of relating suggests that trying to talk them around to your way of thinking might not work. Don't try Gemini, as this weekend it's best to leave things be.

    Have certain routines or relationships become habitual? If so, Saturn's tie to Uranus hints that it may be time to change things. Over the coming weeks, consider letting go of activities that are losing their appeal and that don't inspire you anymore. The more willing you are to take the road less travelled, the more interesting life can become.
  • LEO

    Although a relationship seems to be ticking over nicely, you may find it difficult to respond in your usual way. With an emotional blend of energies showing up, it might not take much for you to feel vulnerable and somewhat at a disadvantage. Don't shrink away from talking things over - as once this person understands they can respond appropriately.

    The ongoing Uranus and Pluto connection suggests that perhaps it's unwise to give another the benefit of the doubt where financial or other crucial matters are concerned. In addition, with a somewhat gullible influence adding to the mix - be sure to read the small print before you sign anything, to avoid the embarrassment of potential mistakes.

    The more work you have to do at this time, the less you may feel like doing it. And, even though you might be quite excited about some of your plans, particularly any that have a creative bias, you could still find it hard to summon enough energy. This may be a signal to slow down for a little while. Within a few days you should be back to normal.

    You are far too astute to be taken in by promises of a brand-new opportunity. However, as the Sun syncs with Neptune, your natural ability to spot a hidden agenda could desert you. You'll also be open to other people's suggestions and influence, which might not be helpful. Perhaps the person you should trust most at this time, Scorpio, is yourself.

    No matter how brilliant your ideas are, certain people may be determined to find fault. And, although you don't have to listen to them, if you're honest, you might have to admit that they could be getting close to the truth. If there's any doubt in your mind about a current project, it's certainly worth going through your plans with a fine tooth comb.

    There are certain things that you know you're capable of, and others that you're not. However, the line between the two may be blurred over the days ahead, so you could feel tempted to take on a challenge that's out of your league. It's better to have fewer expectations and do a great job, than aim too high and feel overwhelmed by all you need to accomplish.

    If you've missed out on an opportunity then don't worry, as it may come around again over the next three weeks. This time though, you'll be ready for it. Even so, you may have to wait a while for things to come to fruition. This is where it helps to have patience, as the effort you put in now can see you laying the groundwork for what is to come later.

    Whatever you do, try not to compromise your integrity. If someone asks you to do something that goes against the grain, then be strong enough to say no. Don't let them persuade you otherwise, Pisces, even if you feel guilty for doing so. At this time, it's more important that you do what's best for you, than to kowtow to a dubious friend.

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