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    You know you have what it takes to succeed, but may not feel like making a start on a key plan over the days ahead. Try not to fret over this though, as the time may not be right. However, your social life can be busy. And with Venus tying to both Saturn and Uranus, both formal and informal events look to be promising for you. Stay flexible to capitalise.

    Both Mercury the planet of talk and thought and the soothing energies of Venus are now in your sector of goals and ambitions. As a result, you may feel motivated to make more of your intellectual and creative skills. However, although liaising with others could help your cause, someone's offer of support over the days ahead may not be all that it seems.

    Your work and financial situation all come under the spotlight. This would be a useful time to consider your priorities and even re-focus some of your hopes in more relevant ways. Yet today's stars suggest that not all the messages you are receiving will be clear ones, and this could create some doubt or confusion. Be determined to slice through these with cold logic.

    The Moon in your sign links in a potentially unsettling way with both Uranus and Pluto today, so the chances are there will be plenty of opinions flying around, particularly if you need to liaise with a partner or someone significant. There can be a sense that things keep changing, even people's standpoints, perhaps before you've had a chance to absorb them.
  • LEO

    If you are someone who usually enjoys working closely with others, today's Moon energies may see some unexpected comments or suggestions, which could bemuse you. Perhaps what is really happening here Leo, is that there are some deeper machinations going on, that need to be carefully absorbed. This is not a time to take things at face value, for sure.

    Someone close may seem a little moody or more over-sensitive than usual - and you too could find that your usual no-nonsense approach to life is challenged by both your feelings and theirs. In fact, if you find yourself struggling to comprehend a certain person's attitude, getting back to your work or regular everyday routine will probably prove steadying.

    Reaffirming your direction in life can enhance your sense of stability over coming days and weeks, particularly if situations appertaining to your job or even your finances have seemed in a state of flux. And if you have a goal you're aiming for, no matter in what area of life or how big or small, you'll feel more settled if you simply get on with it.

    Attitude can be everything and may be the reason why you're either getting along so well with a certain person or failing to see eye-to-eye with someone else. Even so, the movement of the Sun into Pisces from today can modify your outlook, so that even if you do discuss a tricky issue or have to make a tough decision, greater empathy will help smooth the way.

    Pinpointing what may be at the heart of any anxiety you're feeling around deeply personal issues may take some thinking about. However, try not to reflect on this for too long as you may lose your momentum around those key plans or projects currently under way. While it certainly helps to know what you're dealing with, a sense of perspective is also key.

    Your negotiating skills can come in very usefully, and especially if you're looking for the best deals for utility or other household services. There is also an excellent opportunity to tweak your outgoings so you have more to spare for those small luxuries you love. However, if someone around you seems on edge, it's likely to have little to do with you, Capricorn.

    A friend or colleague may use flattery to get you to do something for them. However sweet they seem on the surface, they may not be completely honest about their intentions. Indeed, the Venus Saturn tie-up can be a call to wise up and nip this in the bud, especially over the next few days - otherwise they could make it a habit to dominate you.

    If you've signed up for some interesting courses or visited places that have captured your imagination, if you are so minded this is the perfect time to put what you've learned to good use. Soon Mars will enter your sector of goals and ambitions, bringing an opportunity to impress with any new found knowledge - no matter how big or small your plans.

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