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    If there's a household job that you've been putting off, current influences encourage a can-do approach. Lunar links to Mars and Uranus also suggest someone's nagging approach might prove to be the final straw. Whatever or whoever spurs you on, you'll feel much better once you have it out of the way once and for all.

    Planning upbeat activities for your family or friends could be just what's needed to boost the general mode and diffuse latent tensions. Embrace lighter strands and you'll soon notice an improvement. Interestingly, with your ruler rewinding, this could see you taking up a hobby or skill from childhood that feeds creativity.

    Ideas seem to come easily now and can lead to exciting opportunities if you're prepared to put in a bit of work or do some research. In addition, relationships with people in your community can work out well, making this a good time to get involved in projects that improve your connection to others, and your network.

    A new financial agenda may be on the astral cards, or plans for further growth. If spending is involved, opt for items that have lasting value and be sure to get excellent value. Later today, a Moon Mars link could see you keen to get your point across, just don't be too pushy. It will be much better to highlight benefits.
  • LEO

    Fresh ideas coming from an unusual source could lead to a positive solution. Along with this, a lively alignment hints that it's time to showcase your skills, as someone may be very impressed. However, when it comes to light entertainment, you'll have more fun if you make your own arrangements and take it from there.

    The Sun in Leo suggests you may want to linger introspectively and enjoy the chance to reflect on life. It can be a time to retreat from hectic activities to recharge your batteries, and get some answers to current issues. In addition, a Moon Saturn link encourages in-depth conversation that results in a call to action.

    Getting a sense of perspective today is important as you may be tempted by thoughts that take your attention away from more important things. Fun events and other activities can act as diversions creating a strong pull that you'll need to resist. If you have urgent matters to tackle stand firm and deal with them.

    Although likely attracting praise for your work, you might doubt your capabilities. As Saturn gets ready to forge ahead in your sign, it's time to change all this and discover a more confident you. By coincidence, someone acting as a mentor could have just the right advice giving you the boost you need to just do it.

    Having been seasoned in the fires of life, past experiences have likely taught you a lot that you can pass on. And, it's for this reason that your ability to spread good cheer may be in demand by someone facing a dilemma. This should also be a productive day for making plans with any kind of long-range implications.

    Thinking on your feet and engaging your enterprising nature brings tangible rewards and perhaps the recognition and appreciation of a superior. You'll also benefit from tapping into talents and resources that are underused, as additional income can be a reward if you do. Keeping emotional matters in trim is key though.

    Whether you're actively involved or prefer to remain low key, events today can help boost your popularity. You appeal to people who enjoy your easygoing charm and lively conversation - and might make some new connections as a result. Meanwhile, seeing an old friend in a new light could pleasantly enhance your bond.

    Lunar links suggest you could be propelled into action based on an emotional bias. However, if you can balance this with logical thinking you'll get the best of both worlds. If in doubt, a chat with a friend can give you the perspective you need. Later today, take the initiative if you want to enhance your financial resources.

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