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    As the focus continues on a more spiritual sector of your chart, it can seem that you are spending a lot of time reviewing your options and deciding what most excites and inspires you. Don't feel that you have to have the answers right away as this is a work in progress. Even so, the bigger picture reveals that discarding beliefs that may limit your potential can also be very important.

    Key aspects suggest you may be experiencing a desire for new scenes and experiences and that it may be the suggestion of a friend that fires up your urge to make this a reality. Mind, even a short trip could leave you feeling pleasantly renewed. It may be that getting away from everyday matters allows you to contemplate fresh options and this could make a difference to you.

    As Mars moves away from the more tenacious energies of Saturn, it can seem that the best way to find agreement with someone who appears to be a little bit stubborn is to find out what they really want. On the surface it can seem that their motives are at odds with your own, but by taking the time to enquire further you might find areas on which it is possible to compromise.

    The Moon's connection to the Sun can encourage harmony between head and heart, and on this occasion it might strike you how changing a habit to one that is better for your lifestyle or health might have quite an impact on you. This isn't something you need to snap into right away, as by steadily working at it the results can prove encouraging to you over coming months.
  • LEO

    The current Venus Pluto connection can make one desire appear very compelling, to the point where you may dream up some excellent reasons why you should go along with it. And with a lunar focus spotlighting a love of pleasure today, then giving in can bring satisfaction. Whether it is as simple as indulging a taste for a certain food or something more exotic, feel you deserve it.

    Mercury's developing tie to Neptune hints that your imagination can be stimulated in a very positive way, so that a movie or good book may be something you really enjoy. But on another note, you might find that your intuition is stronger than usual and this could be helpful, especially if you are keen to make the most of a new friendship or to impress someone with a special gift.

    An impromptu invite can make for an upbeat day that you may thoroughly enjoy. But there's more, as the Sun in a dynamic sector of your chart might inspire a bold approach to showing off your talents. This could be a craft or a unique skill that you have recently discovered and that could be very useful to certain people. If you're passionate about it, consider letting others know.

    It may be hard to contain your emotions concerning a personal issue, yet the thought of opening yourself up to potential criticism might also leave you feeling vulnerable. Even so, you could decide to take that risk over the next day or so if it allows you to draw closer to someone, or to discuss a plan that you're heavily invested in. If you do, the response can be a confirmation.

    Setting limits regarding a family issue may help keep relationships on an even keel. And, if you've already tried this over recent days, then it may prove to be a positive option. You could find that by creating firmer boundaries a lot of issues become so much easier to handle which is all to the good, as you can then get on with other things that may be of personal importance to you.

    The Moon in a secluded sector of your chart can encourage you to pause before going into action regarding certain matters, as doing so might help clarify your intentions. This can be important over coming days as you may be emotionally invested in a certain outcome, whether it might be good for you or not. Deeper insight might allow you to make adjustments that can benefit you.

    This can be an excellent day for being with friends and enjoying a chance to catch up. You'll also find that with the Sun now positively glowing in your sign, you may be the life and soul of the party and perhaps the one that others look to for inspiration. Regarding one connection though, you could find your values differ at times, but that with patience you can make this work.

    With the Moon in your sector of ambitions linking to a quieter sector of your chart, this can be a time when thoughts of self-improvement might enter your mind and encourage you to look into books or courses that could push you to aim higher. First though, you might need to discard beliefs that have held you back. Indeed, if you can recognise them, you are already halfway there.

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