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    Although you may be eager to set out on a more independent path, you could find yourself drawn into a situation in which empathising with others might be crucial to understanding their perspective. Today's Solar Eclipse could encourage an outlook that might shape certain friendships and close bonds in a caring and compassionate way, allowing them to blossom.

    A powerful focus can see your social life moving in a new direction. If you have already contemplated getting involved with certain interests, doing so can connect you with others on the same wavelength. But there's more, as you may find that following through with this could take your life along a path that develops special meaning and brings rewards over the long-term.

    You could feel a reluctance to follow friends who may be keen for you to take part in novel activities, and it could be because you currently resonate with matters that have more substance and depth. On another note, the coming days can be good for impressing key people, yet one opportunity that captures your attention for personal reasons could be the start of something new.

    With today's Solar Eclipse involving the ethereal energy of Neptune, facts regarding a certain matter may confuse, and this might push you to view it from another perspective. Indeed, this could be crucial to finding answers that allow you to move forward with confidence. You may have to work on instinct at first, but as you proceed you'll soon find yourself firmly on track.
  • LEO

    Although you may be drawn to a new experience, you might be equally intrigued by an event that could have a much deeper impact. You may even find you have no choice but to explore this issue as a matter of urgency. If you do, you could find that this is your chance to alter your destiny by freeing up energy that can be constructively channelled into creative projects Leo.

    It may seem that others are expecting you to take an interest in their issues, even if you have enough in your proverbial "in-tray" already. But this could be down to the Eclipse in your sector of relating putting the emphasis on key connections and the part you play in shaping them. You may find your attitude to a certain person changes, yet this could be the basis for a new dynamic.

    While you could be tempted to get involved in someone's plans if they offer an alternative to your usual routine, a powerful blend of energies can divert your attention into the area of health and lifestyle. If you have been confused as to how to improve matters, then it is possible that insights gained over coming days may leave you in no doubt as to how you should proceed.

    A lively blend of energies might mean you prefer to spend your time pursuing knowledge concerning new lifestyle opportunities. At the same time, a relationship may be deepening with a friend or perhaps love interest. With Neptune involved in the mix, the reason why you might be drawn to this person may not be immediately clear, but if it feels right then continue on.

    There may be activities that appeal to your sense of adventure that you'd like to explore further, but you might have to put these to one side for now. This could be because of a new project on the home front that needs careful discussion. By joining in you may be able to influence the outcome Archer, as conversation can bring greater clarity which may be just what's needed.

    If you feel a degree of tension in the air, this may be because it seems difficult to go with the flow regarding a domestic matter that might benefit from a hands-off approach. Although this issue could then be independent of your input, this may be what's needed for it to gain the necessary momentum and for you to emerge from a situation that might have held you back.

    You may feel an urge to purchase something that could be an excellent investment further down the line. But before you go ahead Water Bearer, be sure that it really will be as good as it seems. This may not be easy to gauge right away, because the present set-up can confuse things. In a few days time you could have a better idea of whether it is suitable and of what to do next.

    A key influence can mean that a situation in your personal life seems more intense than it really is. If so, you may wonder what you can do about it, especially if it involves making some radical decisions. However, you could ask a close friend for their take on the matter, as this might help you see the issue from a grounded perspective and one that can allow for a speedy solution.

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