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Friday, September 04, 2015 ARCHIVES  |  SEARCH  |  POST ADS  |  ADVERTISE  |  SUBSCRIBE  |  LOGIN  |  CONTACT US



  • aries


    Great news Aries, the Sun has escaped the enervating clutches generated by its opposition to Neptune, and you can feel much sharper today - even if the Moon does briefly tangle with Saturn, suggesting you choose your words with care or prepare for someone's sharp retort. But in worldly matters, you can be truly supercharged.
  • taurus


    If a friend has proved somewhat elusive this week, the chances are by the end of today things can be much clearer between you. The bigger picture for you personally Taurus also suggests that some changes that perhaps you've felt fretful about, can now seem much less daunting as you find yourself in sparkling, dynamic form.
  • gemini


    To coin a modern phrase, your work-life balance may have been somewhat distorted this last few days, and either area may have had a rather draining impact upon you. Fortunately, as the Moon glides into your own sign, you can feel less like a cork on a wild sea. In fact, if you put your mind to it, great things are possible.
  • cancer


    Over the last few days your imagination has probably been absolutely awesome, the problem has been in dealing with everyday matters, which may have seemed much less appetising. Fortunately, a conversation today can help you to refocus on what's really essential, or you can find yourself spurring someone else on, Cancer.
  • leo


    There's a chance to communicate with key people as this week begins, but whether you will take this is down to you. With Mercury and Pluto aggravating one another all week, things could get brittle, and particularly if little niggles get into the equation. Stay realistic about all matters around finances and business too, Leo.
  • virgo


    Can you feel the force? The sensational Solar Eclipse in your sign is pushing you to really take your chances and be bold. With Mars in support, lessons and experiences from your past can be crucial too. However, it's essential that you don't look for too much support or nurturing from others. It may not be forthcoming.
  • libra


    With the Moon passing through your sign over the next two and a half days this can help you to tune into the energies around, more easily. However, the potency of yesterday's Eclipse cannot be underestimated, and this suggests that you need to feel greater meaning around whatever you do in your everyday role.
  • scorpio


    You can find yourself having quite an idolised view of how you'd like things to be at the present time. Even if your normal modus operandi is to be realistic and grounded, there could be a sense of disappointment if what you really want seems out of reach. All this can give you a lot of food for thought, perhaps reflectively so.
  • sagittarius


    You can be one of the friendliest of zodiac signs, and can make for a good companion and often in group or activity lead situations. And currently your hopes for the future can just as easily gain from your contacts as much as your skill set. However, if you are property hunting you may have to compromise on your ideal.
  • capricorn


    However you're feeling, people can seem to have a way of sensing it more easily than usual. Then again, if you are feeling bubbly and optimistic, which is entirely possible with the Sun and Jupiter's continuing tie up, you can feel more comfortable about opening up and sharing with them. Fresh ideas at work can also inspire.
  • aquarius


    A vague uneasiness may have featured in the last few days, but then hopefully you have been able to turn this to your advantage, by taking the time to sort out any issues that have been building up on the back burner, but which have needed dealing with. Today you can feel less introspective, but keep the lines of communication open.
  • pisces


    Balancing hope and optimism against the reality of your financial prospects continues to be a theme. You may also be finding that despite the goodwill and sacrifices you are prepared to make, this might not seem to matter much to those you find yourself interacting with. Keeping your boundaries firmly in place can help.


"Gulf Daily News Astrologer, Patrick Arundell, writes for 200 newspapers, websites and magazines, worldwide. Patrick believes his columns enable people to enjoy a reflective pit-stop in an otherwise busy day, week or month. His sincere and caring approach strives to unlock the ancient mystery of astrology but in a modern context..." If you wish to contact Patrick, please email him at