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  • aries


    Today can see you rather more sensitive than usual, and you may need to negotiate its energies with some care. You might not have quite as much drive as you would like, and more peripheral considerations can compete for your attention. However, if you handle human relationships well this week, real progress is possible.
  • taurus


    You could find yourself processing a conversation which occurred yesterday, one which is giving you plenty of food for thought. With your ruler Venus challenged by the strict Saturn almost all this week, it may be difficult to escape some politics. And pressing obligations can inhibit an exciting strand that is opening up.
  • gemini


    A property matter could go really well for you this week, as Pluto provides truly significant support. He is less helpful however, around your romantic situation, where you may need to choose your words with a great deal of care. Although your ruler does go forwards later this week, for now don't rush to comment, Gemini.
  • cancer


    Your intuition can seem to be working more efficiently today, whereas yesterday somebody's jarring comment may have stung you. But this week communication in general is going to require a lot of care. Someone could tell you something that seems highly appealing, but there could be hidden catch to what they say.
  • leo


    There is some potential for extra nervous tension this week, but perhaps most of all where you rush your plans and lose focus on what's really essential. After a long period when you have dazzled people with your personality, a more practical phase shapes up, but if you embrace this and concentrate, much is open to you.
  • virgo


    You might find yourself asking whether you're expecting too much from situations or people. Moreover perhaps you just need to come to terms that someone has changed in the way that they're relating to you. Instead focus on your creative and individual talents. As long as you're judicious with costs, progress can be made.
  • libra


    Your emotional and psychological sensitivities could be hugely challenged by someone's lack of transparency but there can still be huge lessons to be learnt, and gains to be made. It's just that one of your key hopes may not flow forwards quite as you want or may run counter to your deepest sense of security, Libra.
  • scorpio


    Your co-ruler Pluto, is hugely influential now Scorpio. But as much as this week can be very promising and uplifting, you may also end it with a greater idea of who you can really trust and rely upon, and those that have some kind of hidden agenda. It may even prove hard to suss out the true motives of someone you really like.
  • sagittarius


    If you're totally single-minded and clear headed in terms of your goals Archer, as your ruler Jupiter is supported by the planet of transformation, Pluto, you could take a giant step forwards. If you are less sure or struggling to integrate your financial needs with your idealism, then things can be rather more challenging.
  • capricorn


    Stay attuned to the moods and feelings of others you encounter today. Don't so much be persuaded by what they actually say to you as really mean. Communication in general this week can be rather hazy at best, and downright deceptive at worst. Yet despite this, if you can be enterprising, one strand can really open up.
  • aquarius


    Mercury may well still be tracking backwards, but it will go direct on Friday of this week. However ironically, support comes today in the guise of the strict Saturn. As long as you set realistic financial aims, and avoid the temptation to splurge, your background moves and planning, can soon prime exciting possibilities.
  • pisces


    You may take a little time to settle to life's routines today. A relationship issue may be set to consume a lot of your emotional energy too. Knowing where you stand is a laudable desire, but around one person, your own thinking and affections could prove to be fluid too. One friend can however be tremendously supportive.


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