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    Although Uranus in your sign is angled towards Pluto, as it has been for some time, you're likely noticing the difference as you master its energies. If it seems you've been held in thrall by an almost impossible situation for a number of years, this too may begin to change for the better. Slowly and surely you can begin to live life on your own terms.

    Over the coming weeks you have the opportunity to apply what you've recently learnt in fresh and exciting ways. This can be particularly pertinent if you're hoping to make a breakthrough with your job or other plans. But in everyday matters it can also pay you to think imaginatively, not only in terms of everyday matters, but in regards to your love life too.

    As Mercury emerges from an intense journey through your sector of transformation and moves into your sector of exploration, you may feel a sense of relief. The issue that seemed so pressing a week or so ago may now begin to fade. Even so, continuing to digest this and your feelings over coming days can help to bring a sense of real closure.

    It's always a pleasant surprise when someone we've considered as a competitor or rival makes an effort to pay us a compliment. This can happen for you now, and the link between Mars and Jupiter can coincide with genuine feelings of goodwill on their behalf. Consider this an opportunity to get to know them better. You might even become firm friends!
  • LEO

    Fostering an association based on new interests and opportunities can be a good investment of your time. In fact, the developing Saturn Uranus planetary angle suggests your connection with someone new may give you more pleasure than you experience with some of your long-term friends. It's a signal that you've changed - and your relationships may reflect this.

    Giving some thought to your lifestyle and your everyday routines can be profitable. For instance, you might never realize the personal cost to you of a habit or routine until you've considered it in some depth. Indeed, making a few adjustments could leave you both emotionally and financially better off, with more time to focus on what really does matter.

    You're in for an exciting time over the coming few weeks, for Mercury dances into your zone of leisure and romance from today. This is an opportunity to get out and about, particularly after the events of recent weeks. But more than that, you deserve this chance to unwind and to do the things you don't often have time for, but long to indulge.

    Information that comes to light may be just what's needed to get you back on track, as there's a good chance you've had no option but to turn your attention to issues that aren't your main priority. What is this though? The coming weeks bring an opportunity for you to consider all this in detail. What you discover might greatly surprise you, Scorpio.

    This can be an exciting time if you take advantage of the opportunities that are about to come your way. However, as Jupiter continues its rewind in your worldly sector they may come in clusters and in varying degrees of importance. Don't think too much about what you should and shouldn't accept. Saying yes to as many as possible can prove fruitful.

    If an emotional or financial issue has been limiting your options, then you may get some positive news over coming days. Failing this, new information can put a fresh complexion on things, and this alone can mean you feel more capable of tackling any challenges. If a friend owes you money, be hopeful that there's a good chance you will get repaid.

    If a nagging feeling arises inferring you should get your life in order, you may feel duty bound to do so. There are likely many ways you can think of that might improve matters. Nevertheless, as Mercury heads into your sign from today, pre-planned efforts may not bring speedy results, whereas fresh insights and spontaneous actions just might, Aquarius.

    Although you can have the reputation of being indecisive, the present tie between assertive Mars and confident Jupiter may mean you're determined to make the most of a new connection. As long as you don't attempt to please or to be inappropriately generous, you might find this developing association could make a positive difference to your situation.

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