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  • aries


    The attention or responses you want from someone may not be forthcoming today, as a Venus Saturn square suggests a degree of aloofness regarding certain interactions. Being on a different wavelength might also be another reason why you don’t seem to be getting along. Business wise though, you can do very well.
  • taurus


    Try to keep your ears open as you could be a recipient of confidential information that helps you advance your ambitions and keeps you abreast of positive changes. In addition, if you’ve experienced delays regarding run-of-the-mill issues, you’ll soon be on track with projects that may have been pushed to the back burner.
  • gemini


    Dealing with family issues may be a bit of a juggling act as Mars in your home zone can have a tendency to stir things up. And as Venus and Saturn clash it might make it difficult to connect with those who matter to you most. Still, with Mercury forging ahead now elusive deals or agreements should soon begin to gel.
  • cancer


    A positive alignment can boost communication and see you keen to express ideas that you’ve been mulling over for some while. It’s the ideal opportunity to release your inner writer, singer or craftsperson. A desire to get good or great regarding a skill can give you the perfect opportunity to release your more creative abilities.
  • leo


    An honest exchange of views with those you care about could put a little bit of a difference between you, particularly if it concerns an awkward issue. However, if you can explain yourself sensitively you might get away with it. Moving to the evening, you have the drive to put plans into action and this could see you get solid results.
  • virgo


    You might feel like escaping emotional complications. If you do though, they could follow you into retreat. You might be better to face up to any problems and deal with them head-on rather than leave them to fester. Then again, it’s said that every cloud has a silver lining, and that could certainly be true of today’s events.
  • libra


    With Mercury now dancing ahead, stalled plans can gain traction. However, this might also be due in part to the Sun and Uranus sparking which can encourage bright new ideas intermixed with a flash of genius. You can speed things up even more by asking questions and chivvying others along. Just don’t let a minor squall affect you.
  • scorpio


    If you feel less confident than usual, it might be due to an alignment that makes you more critical of yourself than you need to be. This can show up as a fear of reaching out, causing a sense of isolation. Fear is the operative word, as by taking action despite anxiety or trepidation you may find wonderful new options emerge.
  • sagittarius


    Feelings about a friendship may be tested and can strengthen, depending on how you face a current challenge. Indeed, you may have to make a sacrifice or handle an obligation for things to revert to how they were. With Mercury pushing forwards, an openness to compromising can produce some promising, even tangible results.
  • capricorn


    There seems to be so much to explore that you may be spoilt for choice. Present influences hint at a world of information, courses and travel plans that can get you quite excited. Although, with a Sun Uranus link showing up, a restless urge could see you jumping from one thing to the next unless you make an effort to concentrate.
  • aquarius


    If plans go haywire, look for the hidden advantages in what may initially seem to be a more disruptive influence. Indeed, as Uranus fizzes, unexpected guests, new information or exciting ideas can all captivate you. Enjoy doing so, but don’t let all this distract you too much from other more necessary duties and tasks.
  • pisces


    With the Mars Neptune opposition still potent, you may feel lost regarding future dreams or feel uncertain about how to get any necessary information. Mars in Virgo might also make others appear more daunting than usual especially if you’re feeling a little vulnerable. Overcoming a reluctance to ask for help can be a good start.


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