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    With Mars, your ruling planet, now prominently located, you may be considering more worldly goals and interactions. Although you might have plans in mind, the present focus suggests you could be influenced by other people's ideas and suggestions or you will want to be more in control of your destiny in a leadership, management or self employed guise.

    This can be a positive time when you may have more energy at your disposal. The New Moon in your lifestyle sector this weekend could be a turning point for you in this regard. Even so, the attraction for experiences that require determination and a degree of stamina can grow stronger. Indeed, the present focus can gift you with the capacity to take on far more.

    If recent weeks have seemed somewhat challenging, then you may feel better for doing something you enjoy. With a positive blend of energies enticing you to unwind you could find that a break away from your responsibilities does you the world of good. Experimenting with activities that require you to learn new skills could be something you'll really relish.

    With the Moon opposing the dreamy energies of Neptune you may find your imagination is greatly enhanced, which might leave you sensitive on an emotional level too. You could soak up negativity or perceived criticisms a little more sharply than normal. However, you can also turn this to a positive and find yourself compassionate towards someone less fortunate.
  • LEO

    The presence of Mars, newly in Capricorn, can see you putting in extra effort to get the results you're after regarding a project or plan. If you need to spend money in order to get it off the ground, it may be an idea to do some research and keep receipts too. Unless you know exactly what you're looking for there's a chance certain items may not suit your purposes.

    If a certain situation proves confusing, especially over the next day or so, avoid making matters worse by trying too hard. If you're having trouble with a decision or feel fuddled about your next step then there is no harm in switching off and doing something different. A short break from your everyday environment can boost your energy and confidence levels.

    If something feels good you may want to do more of it. Conversely, if there are certain activities you don't enjoy so much then you'll want to do a lot less of them. Because the Moon is more secluded you could be very sensitive to those undertakings that tend to drain you, and for this reason might want to plan your schedule a little more strategically, Libra.

    If a situation seems to be coming to an end, it might come as something of a relief. If the circumstances related to this have been particularly hard going you can feel a release of tension as well. The cosmic picture hints that you'll appreciate the opportunities that can show up as a result of this issue moving out of your life as well as the freedom it gives you.

    As Mars angles towards Jupiter, your guide, someone may say something that causes you to feel deflated. Despite this, think about things, and you may realise that this remark may be filled with practical wisdom that can push you to rework a plan or reconsider your approach to a personal or family matter. While a tad uncomfortable, it could be just what's needed.

    With Mars now trekking through your sign, it's possible you're already spending time thinking about key plans and the directions you might like to take. You may even wonder what you can do to help one project progress through any growing pains. Any single-mindedness you have at this time can be particularly helpful to you, but stay open to others too, Capricorn.

    With the Moon linking to both Neptune and Saturn it may seem as though one situation is never going to change. But the bigger picture suggests that it has already started to, it's just possible that you are not seeing the firm evidence in your circumstances as yet. But think back a month or so, and step by step a new perspective is developing within you.

    A plan that you may be very excited about could influence your relationship with someone, causing them to appear distant. Perhaps you haven't been completely inclusive about what you're doing and as a result they're feeling a little left out. Then again, it may be that your independent attitude could feel a tad threatening to them, especially if this is a change.

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