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    You could go through a range of feelings as you make a decision, but today's Quarter Moon suggests you'll get there in the end. The difficulty could be in needing to factor in other people's perspectives, which could detract from your plans. However, a desire to forge ahead regardless of others' views can see you following your instincts, and in this case, they may be spot on.

    With Pluto, your relationship planet, rewinding in your sector of far horizons from today, you may have an opportunity to reflect on a key relationship with a view to making long-term changes. At the same time, a powerful lunar phase encourages you to trust your deepest feelings about this and other issues. If you do what feels right to you on a soulful level, then things can flow nicely.

    Feelings can intensify, particularly concerning shared assets or long-term agreements, and this phase will continue over coming days. You may need to make a decision, but it might be wise to wait a week or so before you do Gemini. With fervent Pluto rewinding from today, a course of action may no longer seem as suitable as it did, and further thought may be needed on this issue.

    Today's Quarter Moon in your sector of values can see you thinking carefully about a team project or your relationship to a group. This can be a chance to take stock and to consider how well things are going. It is also an opportunity to raise any issues, so that matters can proceed smoothly in the future. One relationship could intensify and demand a lot of attention though.
  • LEO

    A powerful lunar phase can spotlight feelings concerning a personal goal or ambition. You may have reached a stage where you could pull out if things aren't going as well as you hoped. However, if you have been buoyed up by your progress and by the positive start you have had, this can be a chance to take things to the next level and perhaps make a big success of it Leo.

    A certain idea may appeal more now than it ever did and can see you keen to get it underway. However, with fervent Pluto rewinding from today for many months and the expansive Jupiter already regressing, this could be something to plan for over the long-term. New ideas and opportunities can show up over the weeks ahead, so though excited, there may be no point in rushing.

    By discussing openly what is on your mind, things could begin to move forward at quite a pace. However, this may not be a decision that you take lightly Libra, as it could leave you feeling rather vulnerable too. It can pave the way for further heart-to-heart conversations though, as by talking things over, a key matter can begin to move in a more positive and healing direction.

    As the Sun angles towards the Moon in the most worldly sector of your chart, this can be a time of decisions, especially if you are involving others or another in an important plan. If you are all getting along and things are progressing nicely, then you will likely want to continue. However, if there have been issues, then resolving them now can save problems at a later date Scorpio.

    You may be at the stage where you are keen to expand your options. However, you might also wonder if this is a wise decision or not. The coming days can be excellent for doing some detailed research, especially when it comes to working out costs and expenses. If you can get the financial side sorted and are satisfied with this, then things can proceed at a greater pace Archer.

    A relationship may have reached a critical point where you may be wondering whether to take things further. This could refer to a romance, but it might also be linked to a budding friendship or even to a business arrangement. As feisty Mars aligns with fervent Pluto, you likely already know what you want out of this association. Be sure the other person feels the same though!

    If you feel confident in yourself, then following through on a plan or ambition will likely be no problem at all. With a potent blend of energies building in a private sector of your chart though, it is possible that a whole range of emotions may come to the fore and could leave you wondering what your next steps should be. Take your time, as you will know when you are ready.

    With a Quarter Moon taking place in your sector of routine and wellness, you may feel ready to research your options regarding a new diet or exercise routine. If you are interested in a club or group in your area, then signing up might mean you'll benefit from the support others can give you. However, connecting with a friend who shares your goals can be equally positive Pisces.

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