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    Along with the Sun entering Pisces yesterday, Chiron, a celestial body associated with deep healing, has moved back into your sign where it will remain until 2027. Its presence here can be a call to avoid turning anger and frustration against yourself, and to channel it in a healthier way. Today's Full Moon in Virgo, can heighten this desire for self-healing and make it a priority.

    Today's Super Moon in your sector of leisure and romance, can bring feelings bubbling to the surface, which could be the motivation needed to let someone know how you feel. And it is not something you would do lightly Taurus. With the extra energy gifted to you by fiery Mars in your sign, you may feel ready for a discussion which could involve taking a bond to a new level.

    The movement of celestial body Chiron, into your social sector for the long-term, can see you linking with a group or cause, that has real depth of meaning for you, perhaps because of a deeply personal experience. This may be something you are ready to be open about, even if you have not mentioned it before. Sharing this might then link you to others on your wavelength.

    A potent lunation in your sector of talk and thought, can highlight a situation in which something comes to light. If you have been mired in confusion or found it hard to make a decision, then it might all begin to click into place. Feelings can overwhelm logic though, so if you find yourself pulled in a certain direction, it may be wise to hold back until you are sure it is the one for you.
  • LEO

    A very different focus is now influencing your sector of travel and far horizons, and one that will last until 2027. Healing Chiron, a celestial body, can make you aware of how beliefs may be rigidly holding you back and how by changing them, you can begin to live life to the full. A potent lunar phase today Leo, puts the emphasis on investing in some pampering and self-care.

    Today's lively Super Moon in your sign, throws the spotlight on relationships and may alert you to feelings that have been pushed to one side, but that might now need acknowledging. It can be an opportunity to clear the air, and doing so may bring you closer to someone you care about. Although there might be a tendency to hold back, being open could be so much healthier.

    The relationship between your daily routines and your spiritual self is accentuated today, and might enable you to see which activities nurture you and which don't. This focus can encourage positive change and action, and may leave you much happier and at ease. As Mercury gradually separates from hazy Neptune, clarity can replace confusion regarding an incident at work.

    You may begin to see aspects of your life from a renewed perspective, as healing Chiron a celestial body, brings a fresh perspective to your lifestyle and wellness sector. It will remain in this sector for some years, bringing opportunities to sync with your deeper purpose in life. Today though Scorpio, a potent lunar phase can be excellent for a buoyant get-together or celebration.

    Today's Super Moon in your sector of goals and ambitions, encourages you to discuss key plans such as those that have great meaning for you. The more you are willing to share them, the more support you are likely to attract, and this includes your family too. Another long-term influence can inspire you to connect regularly with your inner playful side, which could be a restorative.

    Give yourself some leeway Capricorn, as today's lively influences encourage you not to keep feelings of disappointment or angst to yourself. Let your feelings flow and share with a good friend, as doing so might help you see the bigger picture. Talking things over might also bring insights to a confusing issue that just needs someone else's input so you can see the way ahead.

    The light of the Full Moon falls on your sectors of finance and deep soul bonds, which may mean you can't ignore certain issues over the next day or so. And while it might be easier to lose yourself in a shopping spree, attending to any ongoing issues can leave you in a better position. In addition, a healing influence can inspire you to start a dialogue that may be long overdue.

    With a Super Moon in your sector of relating, it may be time to address your feelings about someone, especially if you have been hoping they would simply go away. Now you may realize that unless you say something, they will likely get stronger. Just make a start and let it unfold from there. And whether tears or laughter, or both, result from this, you'll feel much better.

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