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Tuesday, September 01, 2015 ARCHIVES  |  SEARCH  |  POST ADS  |  ADVERTISE  |  SUBSCRIBE  |  LOGIN  |  CONTACT US



  • aries


    Those hobbies or pastimes you usually turn to for fun and relaxation could prove helpful in your search for a job, or even if you're hoping to enhance your income somehow. By allowing your creative side free rein it can also spill into other areas, enhancing results and enriching your life in many exciting and positive ways, Aries.
  • taurus


    Experiencing delays and frustration? If so, it's likely down to Mercury's latest retrograde and its journey through your lifestyle zone. But, galling as these binds can be, they also serve a purpose, as they'll make you aware of situations that need closer attention. Resolving such matters could in fact see you maximise your talents.
  • gemini


    Do you love entertaining and cooking for friends? If so, you may be doing more than ever now. Catering for people today? If so, friends and family can really appreciate your efforts. Your imagination and creativity sparkle too, so if you're thinking of adding a special touch to your home, it can be a fine time to do so.
  • cancer


    You may be trying too hard to get through to someone, when meeting them halfway could help avoid any complications. Extra care and sensitivity could be a reason to become even closer. However, the subtle opposition between Jupiter and Neptune also suggests you may be tempted to sugar-coat one point you need to make.
  • leo


    Distracting thoughts could make it hard to deal with any tasks that need completing. A secret yearning can also see you daydreaming. Mind, the delightful Moon Jupiter connection, though brief, can bring bright news. But if you get a special invite or opportunity today, you may need to make your mind up quickly to capitalise.
  • virgo


    As Mars and Neptune angle up, delays are possible or an unexpected mix-up could cause you to feel somewhat on edge. Just as you're ready to put your best foot forward, you could find yourself taking one or two steps back. Mercury also begins its third annual backward dance, so do be extra vigilant around your daily costs.
  • libra


    The willingness to try out new experiences could prove liberating, Libra. This may provide a chance to get involved in activities you're really enthused by. However, in contrast, as the Sun continues to track through your spiritual sector, time alone can be recuperative. With some plans in a state of flux, muse your options.
  • scorpio


    Today's influences in your sector of hopes can tempt you to get involved with projects you enjoy or to spend time with someone you care about. Although you may have other pressing plans, the idea of spending time together can appeal. As Mercury rewinds trust could become a key issue in more superficial bonds, however.
  • sagittarius


    For you to feel really engaged by any group or circle of friends you belong to, you need to feel that there is mutual respect. You can also be drawn to those who are as independent as you are. And anyone who takes you for granted or who is too clingy, can seem less attractive in the next few weeks. Mind, an old friend could resurface.
  • capricorn


    Misunderstandings, mixed signals or unexpected glitches can make it difficult to get ahead in the next few weeks. Despite this, your practical instincts can see you soon accept changes and embrace any other options that come up. Any love of creativity, reading or watching movies could also continue to flourish just now.
  • aquarius


    If the day follows an unusual course, it may be due to the effect of the Virgo Eclipse. Plus, this can be a time of new beginnings with a cathartic quality showing that can coincide with unexpected circumstances. However, if an aspect of your life no longer excites you, it may be easier to accept the option to move on or make changes.
  • pisces


    Influences today can blow feelings out of proportion giving you a skewed perspective on an issue or relationship that does need some attention. If this is the case, it may help to hold back from important decisions, as you could make the wrong one. If you feel frustrated, pursue a gentle hobby or go for a healing walk or bike ride.


"Gulf Daily News Astrologer, Patrick Arundell, writes for 200 newspapers, websites and magazines, worldwide. Patrick believes his columns enable people to enjoy a reflective pit-stop in an otherwise busy day, week or month. His sincere and caring approach strives to unlock the ancient mystery of astrology but in a modern context..." If you wish to contact Patrick, please email him at