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  • aries


    Although you'll likely have a lot to do, in practice it might prove difficult to get on with it. Indeed, today's emotional Full Moon, coupled with another key debilitating influence could see much of the day frittered away, resulting in frustration. Resolve to concentrate as much as you can. It could go a long way to help, Aries.
  • taurus


    Although you may be busy with financial plans or looking out for good investments, this isn't a good time to put your money into anything that is too speculative. Today's Full Moon can increase desires, but it is opposed by the strict Saturn, and you are very much advised to play safe, and go for well established schemes.
  • gemini


    A dazzling opportunity may be bubbling away and Today's Full Moon in your sign can be the prompt which sparks you into action. Though you might feel jaded by any recent disappointments, it's probably a case of linking with the right person or people to forward any ideas you have. Get this right, and things can progress well.
  • cancer


    Although there may be a basic truth in the saying, "what you don't know, can't hurt you", it doesn't necessarily apply to current influences. The opposite could true, particularly if a project has stalled because of a lack of information. So, the more you support your plans, the more assured you can be.
  • leo


    Have you omitted to include the emotional impact of a project in your thinking? If so, today's Full Moon and this week's other potent influences, can bring certain realizations to mind. If you've wondered why you've felt drained of late, it could be that what you're contemplating hasn't factored in your more emotional self.
  • virgo


    If at all possible, it may be worth cutting back your schedule in the next couple of weeks. Be it home, family or domestic demands, or more professional ones, getting the balance just so, may prove tricky. This can be particularly so if the lines of communication are blurred between you and those in your situation, which is possible.
  • libra


    You can be the consummate communicator Libra, but if you lay on the charm too thick, someone may seem unimpressed. Then again, if you decide to be more direct and tell it how it is, this too can cause some issues. All in all, you need to choose your words, and express your thoughts, with a great deal of consideration.
  • scorpio


    If someone hasn't been entirely honest it could come as a bit of a shock. The shady alliance between Saturn and Neptune, and today's lunation suggests that shared finances could be at the root of any disagreement. However, if you're tempted to react, a genuine heart-to-heart will more likely uncover what's really behind this.
  • sagittarius


    With people to see and places to go, remember there is only so much you can do. Indeed, though the expectations of others may be high you could find it difficult to find a spark. And anyway, this is a time when you will feel a real pull to attend to those strands which you personally find exciting. Don't get too distracted!
  • capricorn


    If you feel out of control in a key area of your life it could be disorientating for someone as organised as you and see you somewhat anxious. There are times however, when relaxing our grip and letting go can achieve far more than trying to force the pace. Instead look to focus on your inner world, and emotional needs.
  • aquarius


    Although you can be a very giving zodiac sign, the current blend of energies can encourage you to be more discerning. It's not about stopping being generous, but just choosing the right people and situations. Today's Gemini Full Moon could magnify this, making you even more aware of when to share and when to hold back.
  • pisces


    A cluster of energy or stellium right at the top of your solar horoscope is spurring you to seize the moment. However, a highly charged Full Moon just reminds you not to forget your support structures, the people who provide them, and your need for a firm platform to work from, are absolutely essential to your progress.


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