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    Work and play figure strongly in the scheme of things, giving you more than enough to fill your days. And though it's a perfect time to explore your skills and talents, and showcase them to the world, Jupiter's move into Virgo hints that holistic habits such as a massage or a soothing beauty treatment might also appeal.

    While you're still keen to get your home in great shape and get moving on key projects, today's new focus can see you exploring the fun side of life. If there's a hobby you're hoping to try, you may be motivated to give it a shot. An upbeat and long-term influence lasting a year can see you on the way to becoming a talented expert.

    Today's Cancer Moon and its links can encourage a shopping spree with a view to brightening up your home. However, you might be in the frame of mind to purchase an item on an impulse, when with a bit more research you may snaffle it cheaper somewhere else. There's also the chance of an unexpected and chatty visitor.

    There's a shift in the air this week as Jupiter moves into your communication sector, where it will remain for a year. The more you're willing to reach out and liaise, network and generally connect with others, the more your fortunes can flourish. Meanwhile, Mars now in your money zone can spur you on to better your lot.
  • LEO

    You're in your element as Mars urges you onwards to taste new experiences and make progress concerning your goals. There's also better news on the financial front with positive influences set to bring key opportunities your way for many months to come. Currently, it seems the more effort you put in the more you'll get out.

    There's great news as the benevolent Jupiter arrives in your sign for a year long stay. You might even find you experience a degree of luck over the coming days with it being in the early degrees of your sign. Even so, it's time to expand your horizons and explore fresh options, as you'll benefit greatly by taking up new challenges.

    Although you seem keen to connect with others socially, today ushers in a different phase with your spiritual sector coming more sharply into focus. This can see you wanting more time out for yourself and your personal development. Embracing meditation, exploring holistic practices or using yoga can all enhance peace of mind.

    Socially things are looking upbeat and fairly positive. If you've been out of the swing of things more recently with Mercury and now Jupiter in the friendliest part of your chart, this encourages you to reach out and enjoy networking. All sorts of co-operative associations can also work to your advantage from here on, Scorpio.

    It's a good time to explore learning opportunities, as putting effort into upgrading your skills and knowledge can bear fruit further down the line for you. Often you are enthusiastic to take on fresh challenges, now some worldly or career sector possibilities can benefit from your never say no approach to new life experiences.

    You'll be keen to put effort into money matters, particularly if you have a business idea in mind or want to get your finances or resources working better for you. Whatever plans you have, your hard work should pay off handsomely. Jupiter's arrival in Virgo also suggests that study could broaden your horizons in a major way.

    Shared resources and business matters can benefit as Jupiter drives into Virgo. As it will remain here for about a year, business opportunities may be there for the taking. Money could also come your way from unexpected sources - and see you enjoy true strokes of fortune. As soon as today, you can make a bold move.

    Relationships enter a new and upbeat phase, which could give romance, friendships and business partnerships a new lease of life. Chances are that others will become more supportive of your goals and aims - and appreciative of you too, Pisces. There is a lot to be gained by collaborating closely in lots of different ways.

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