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    Even though you can often take the lead when it comes to socialising, the Moon has been in a more muted location for you over the last few days. Today she switches into your sister fire sign of Leo and this can help you to feel more bubbly and outgoing. However, you cannot be too directive as far as other people are concerned.

    As Venus continues to glide through your relationship sector, interactions with others today and over this festive week have a very sociable and conversational quality endearing you to a new friend or perhaps a love interest. Indeed, despite other pressures, you and a certain person seem to bring out the best in each other.

    There's been some delightful interactions with people that you're really comfortable and close with. However, one relationship may be a little bit more contentious. This can be especially the case if you sense that someone is feeling negative, but not quite expressing it in an open, honest and straightforward way.

    The Capricorn New Moon can help take a relationship to the next level, or encourage you to collaborate on a plan or idea. In addition, if romance or creativity have been a problem, this may be about to change. Why? Well, you can begin to feel a lot more confident about your chances. Later, enjoy a festive occasion to the full in fabulous company. <br><strong>Call one of our psychics to find out more and get the most out of this exciting time…</strong>
  • LEO

    With the Moon gliding into your sign, if you have been feeling particularly sentimental or your emotions rather raw, this can be an opportunity to feel more in control of them. You can often take the care of others to the nth degree, and even now, you may feel a bit drained. If so, try to do something for you, Leo.

    If you're set to be out enjoying the holiday mirth, today's planetary backdrop encourages you not to be too frivolous. Whilst you may be aware of your limits, being tempted to splurge and imbibe too freely may actually feel less than uplifting. Finding the right balance can be crucial to enjoying this festive time of year.

    Although there is an overall focus, as there always is at this time of year, on your sector of emotions, if there are any injustices or politics washing around, you may find it much more difficult to adopt your usual more gracious approach. Why not catch up with a good friend, Libra? It can help move the moment.

    There's a positive focus on your home and family sector amping up the New Year's vibe and enhancing your enjoyment of the occasion. On New Year's Day relax as you'll soon be busy. Meanwhile, the Full Moon in Cancer could be a reason to adopt a newer and bigger version of a goal you hope to achieve. What does all this mean for you? <br><strong>Contact one of our sincere team of psychics…</strong>

    If there have been any issues going on in your love or emotional lives over the festivities, it may be more difficult to connect with others in your usual bright and optimistic way. But don't feel you have to be upbeat. Venus is edging towards your sign, and when she arrives next midweek, this will signal some genuine new beginnings.

    The Sun, Mercury and Pluto are all in your Zodiac sign, and after the last couple of months when you may have felt psychologically below your best, this can create a sense that you can get back to your normal, organised, confident self. However, you should avoid being too impatient or you may come across as being rather overbearing.

    The present focus on the more private part of your chart might spotlight the spiritual forces that underlie the giving of presents and celebrations associated with Christmas. Indeed, it might also be the reason you feel moved to give someone a tangible offer of support, which could mean far more to them than any material gift.

    Today's Full Moon lights up your social sector and hints at a day filled with merriment and goodwill. However, the urge to reach out to others who may need some company is very much evident. The inclusive Full Moon along with a Neptune tie can see you keen to include someone who might otherwise spend the day alone.

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