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    Although the Taurus Sun can coincide with a desire to get things done, a rebellious and lively connection can pull your attention towards options that you may perceive as being much more fun. Another influence can also leave you feeling excited about promising possibilities. But if you're to be productive as well, then getting any work out of the way first can be a great help.

    The Moon's link to Mars in your sector of resources suggests this can be a good time for a bargain. But this influence can also be excellent for enjoying what you have, or for finding ways to sell or pass on what you don't want. Even so, if you're keen to make the most of your resources, then you may have to sidestep one or two tempting purchases that could prove extremely seductive.

    You could find yourself caught up in a day of frenetic activity, even if you had planned to take things at your leisure. It may seem that events overtake you, as unexpected calls or demands can pile one task on another. However, if you do begin to feel overwhelmed, then it may be time to slow down and tackle things in order of priority. Anything else can likely wait until later, Gemini.

    The stellar backdrop suggests that it may be all too easy to get excited about an idea, so much so, that you might be prepared to drop everything else in your pursuit of it. But would this be wise? It might not be! A lot of energy could be expended as you look into this further, and you might even be willing to part with some cash. But in a few days time it could already be forgotten, Cancer.
  • LEO

    With Mercury and Uranus forging a tie to Saturn in your sector of creativity, you may be tempted to cast aside something that doesn't seem to be working out as you hoped. Indeed, in attempting to get it right, you may have unwittingly tried too hard Leo. But, with four planets in retrograde right now things are moving slowly anyway. Besides, with patience you could do well.

    Taking the time to ease into the day and start it on a relaxed note can probably help, Virgo. However, if you want to accomplish more it might help to maintain a sense of calm. This may be awkward though, with an excitable blend of energies merging and perhaps causing unexpected events or mini-dramas to arise. Moreover, there's a chance you could unwittingly get involved.

    Venus, your guide planet, moves back into Aries and your sector of relating, which can help ease any situation that needs a delicate touch. Are you likely to encounter any such episodes over coming days? It may be possible Libra, as there could be a lot of talking and excitement which might create a few waves. You may need to act as the voice of calm and reason in this regard.

    With Mars in a sensitive sector, a certain situation could seem to trigger deep feelings, and because of this it may be very tempting to push them aside. You might succeed too, as other matters that appear more stimulating could redirect attention. But these emotions can resurface if they're left too long, when taking time out to reflect on them could allow you to let them go.

    It may not take much to encourage you to drop activities that seem tedious and go in search of something more exciting. Moreover, the present blend of energies is such that you may want to let off steam by exercising or socializing. But, it's possible that you won't be able to completely relax until certain tasks are completed, so consider getting them out of the way first, Archer.

    Cosmic forces can stir things up over coming days and may disrupt your day-to-day routines, as well as bringing unexpected events that could derail family plans. But if you are willing to be flexible and take it all in your stride you might get a chance to try new things. You could find yourself outside of your comfort zone, yet quite enjoying the novelty and perhaps wanting more.

    As Venus glides back into Aries and your communication sector, it can encourage co-operation and a desire to work alongside others. Another influence could see you adopting a more independent approach though, especially if discussions take too long and you're keen to get things moving swiftly. Still, getting some advice might enhance your chances of progress.

    If you've invested in a new gadget for the home or for staying in touch, then you may be delighted at how it can help make life easier or perhaps bring friends closer. But from today, the call of small personal luxuries can encourage you to do something nice for yourself. If you feel like a massage or buying something that doesn't cost the earth but brings pleasure, why not consider it?

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