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    Considering the present blend of energies, you could feel both urgency and complacency regarding a situation in your life. These two opposite tendencies could lead to indecision Aries, unless you can adopt a strategy to deal with them. One way may be to give yourself small goals to accomplish over coming days, and to take smaller steps until the way ahead becomes clear.

    Friends may have a lot to contribute to your present thinking, and yet no matter how good their advice, you might sense that it is not quite right for you. And, with the Sun moving ever closer to the nebulous energies of Neptune, this could easily be the case. Even so, it may help to avoid impulsive moves and to allow things to simply be, as the answer could show up in due course.

    You could find yourself in the spotlight with a major focus on your sector of ambitions emphasising a desire to make progress. However, yesterday's Solar Eclipse will be radiating powerfully for you still today, so with feelings running high, it may be wise not to jump at the first opportunity that shows up, but to give yourself some breathing space and time to muse and settle.

    It can seem that a spontaneous move could help you get ahead, particularly if it's related to future plans. Yet, with contrasting energies out on the field, you might find your mind drawn to explore books or perhaps a movie with an inspiring message that can motivate you to bigger and better things. Between these extremes, a calm and steady approach may work best for you.
  • LEO

    A lively energy can entice you to opt for fresh adventures. While it can feel good to take time out, you could also feel guilty if it means certain tasks remain undone. But the deeper need may be to relinquish what no longer serves you, as this could liberate you over the long-term and allow you to move on Leo. Indeed, you may feel a renewed determination to do so at this time.

    Decisions or ideas of other people may seem somewhat overwhelming, which could leave you feeling as though your own needs come second. This may not necessarily be true though. It might be that you are not asking for what you want. It can seem easier to ignore others and do your own thing, but you only need to make sure your voice is heard and acknowledged.

    You may wonder whether you're being too generous with your time, as there can seem to be so many demands on it. However, a part of this may be that you have very kindly offered to help out others when you already have enough on your plate. Prioritising can be the way ahead for you, as it's impossible to do everything. Besides, you need some time out for yourself too.

    Creative ideas may seem to clamour for expression, as the Sun's connection with Neptune can heighten your imagination. This can be a wonderful opportunity to give more time to a talent that might have been underused. Furthermore, by applying yourself you could find that this becomes a source of satisfaction over the long-term and might even develop into a side business.

    Though you may be tempted by an invite that could be a lot of fun, the bigger picture suggests that your focus might naturally be more inward, and that you might benefit from a time of reflection and self-care. This doesn't mean that you can't enjoy yourself, but that some nurturing can be therapeutic. Let off steam, but also allow yourself to enjoy some peace and quiet too.

    Whatever issues seem to be showing up that may be related to your work life balance, time for discussion can be key to resolving them. A dynamic link between Mars and Uranus can mean that family members could have a lot to say about a plan or perhaps a career move of yours. Indeed, the bigger picture suggests that conversation may be key, leading to deeper understanding.

    It may be very tempting to say exactly what you think, particularly if someone seems unwilling to appreciate your point of view. However, the way you interact with this person over coming days can either help or hinder your efforts. The stars suggest that adopting a caring and compassionate stance can go a long way to smoothing things over and keeping things upbeat.

    Although it can be extremely tempting to make an impulsive purchase, it may be better to wait a few days as the desire for it might quickly disappear. Therefore, consider smaller buys, but leave any expensive and unnecessary items for another day. Besides, you may find that doing something that brings you personal satisfaction far outweighs the pleasure of material goods.

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