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    Demands can close in today. If you feel particularly pinched for time, you may be tempted to take a short cut to compensate. In general, December can be a time when rules and regulations can have a seeping and erosive impact on your morale. However, for us all there are rules and regulations we simply cannot dodge.

    As Venus continues to glide through your relationship sector, interactions with others today and over this festive week have a very sociable and conversational quality endearing you to a new friend or perhaps a love interest. Indeed, despite other pressures, you and a certain person seem to bring out the best in each other.

    Watch out for a restless quality that can discourage you from getting things done. Indeed, you may be tempted to call a friend and arrange a get-together as a way to catch up on the gossip and escape any dull monotony. Even so, don't put off essential tasks. Dealing with these first can ease pressure and create space.

    Today's New Moon encourages a fresh start, based on nurturing routines and habits that enhance your general wellbeing. The chances are that both work and home circumstances have been competing for your attention this week, so fine-tuning may be helpful. Look to delegate but also realise you can't control everything.
  • LEO

    If the last week or so has been trying Leo, today may also be disruptive. Either you have been feeling more outspoken or someone close to you has. Whilst a frank exchange of views may have cleared the air, your nervous system can still be still feeling all this. Pleasingly however, today's New Moon can be a positive turning point.

    If today's disorganized energies have you in a spin, resist the temptation to sabotage your efforts by splurging, or doing something equally impulsive. In contrast, the upbeat New Moon encourages you to tap into your instincts and choose a course of action that nurtures your interests now and over the weeks ahead.

    For someone who usually thrives on harmony, this week has perhaps seen you with more of a warrior instinct, one which has helped you to put down a marker in terms of acceptable boundaries. Equally, someone may have been frank with you, but use today's New Moon to try to sharpen up dialogue to a more constructive level.

    It may have been hard to pinpoint exactly why, but you might have found yourself on edge virtually all this week. Issues that have been repressed may be trying to force their way to the surface or people have confronted you with sides of yourself that you are not as aware of. Try to be self-honest about all of this.

    Today's New Moon in your sign is a wonderful opportunity to supercharge on-going strands or to put focused effort behind anything which is new. Your desire to assert your individuality has been very strong this week, perhaps as a reaction to recent limitations, but just be aware that not everyone will bend to your will, Archer.

    Mars has been giving you more assertiveness of late, and its intense opposition with Uranus this week, may have coincided with quite a battle of wills in your situation. However, the healing energies of Venus, and a gentle New Moon ask you to look more towards co-operation. The more you command, the less others will conform.

    Sticking to the tried and trusted could mean you lose out on an opportunity today, and of course this might be something you want to avoid. Indeed, today's lunar ties actively encourage you to explore the latest developments. But also listen carefully to any conversations you are involved in. Important clues can be shared.

    The lively Mercury Uranus tie can spotlight an opportunity that brings fast results along with the chance to enhance your income. You might not be able to ponder this possibility for too long though Pisces, so give yourself permission to divert time to embrace it. Your natural flexibility can be particularly helpful in this regard.

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