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  • aries


    As this month comes to a close, so the Moon moves into your sign Aries and goes immediately opposite Mercury. It's going to be important therefore to balance how you feel around relationships with how you interact with the people concerned. Fortunately, a wonderful alliance between Venus and Mars suggests you'll do rather well.
  • taurus


    Home and family matters are very much to the fore. Mind, it's going to be important to be delicate if you have any key issue you want to discuss. Someone may prove to be surprisingly subjective today, so look to be as thoughtful as possible. You may however raid your memory for a sentimental connection with someone from your past.
  • gemini


    Your word power steps up considerably now and in fact, all this week, you'll have a rare opportunity to really showcase your personality in the most impressive and persuasive of ways. This can go all the way to creating an amazing impression on someone that you encounter - be it professionally, socially or romantically.
  • cancer


    Do you generally have an iron willpower when it comes to your expenditure Cancer? Because if you do, this is a week when your normal resolve can be tested by the dazzling combination which is Venus and Mars conjunct. You're also going to be exuding a very potent extra sultry chemistry which can draw an admirer to you.
  • leo


    If you have ever thought that you'd like to explore the more creative side of your nature more fully, this week can be a fine time to do so. Your ability to originate and initiate, but in a way that other people will be receptive to, is going to be very strong. Anything connected to the arts or culture, can also draw you.
  • virgo


    This is a week when you can find yourself doing a lot of thinking about your love life. It could be a time of new beginnings, especially with the extra confidence that Jupiter in its combination with the Sun recently has given you. But is someone from your past still calling out to you? If so, you may want to explore the possibilities.
  • libra


    You could find yourself invited this week into some kind of rarefied circle. This may be a group of people that quietly work on behalf of others, a charity organisation or something with a spiritual or esoteric connection. However, there could be a real chance to forge some very fruitful new bonds through this Libra.
  • scorpio


    This is a period of time when who you know really can be just as important as what you know. And however much this may not be how you'd like the world to be, a friend of a friend could prove influential on your behalf. Your ability to cultivate relationships with influential people will be helped by lashings of charm.
  • sagittarius


    The Moon switches signs perfectly for you as this week begins Sagittarius. This could spark you into action in terms of staying abreast of what all your friends are doing more. Or if you'd like to do something more adventurous, such as going to a concert, on a city break or a last minute vacation, the stars will help you go for it.
  • capricorn


    You might find yourself having to delicately balance home and worldly issues. Someone or something could knock you slightly out of kilter. Hopefully this will only be temporary, for the planets are giving you every encouragement to be as enterprising as possible across all areas of your life. Also a new interest can prove enriching.
  • aquarius


    If you enjoy witty exchanges, there could well be some today. Then again, there may also be a serious desire developing within you to create as much co-operation as possible in your world. This is often important to you, but your knack for building more harmonious ties is enhanced significantly this week, Aquarius.
  • pisces


    There could be a brief push and pull over a financial issue or a possession today. But it doesn't have to have lasting implications. In fact, if you can try to view anyone you encounter in a humanistic way, especially around little irritations or faults, it will be for the best. The bigger picture remains remarkably positive for you.


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