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  • aries


    If you have found yourself almost trying too hard to please someone this week, today, you can feel less inclined to do so, well, at least in a way which has done little to improve the bond between you. What this person may feel is that it is actions rather than words that they want to see you demonstrate. Can you, Aries?
  • taurus


    The oppressive influence of Saturn on your ruler that has dominated the last week, starts to tail off today. With the Moon also angling gently but beguilingly to Neptune your intuition and sense of fun can spark a revival between you and someone close. Your creative juices also begin to bubble marvellously well. Don't hold back.
  • gemini


    Your ruler Mercury continues to forge a fab angle to the steely energies of Saturn, but this can help you to organise your thinking and relating in a very structured way. You may find with the Moon's support that itÂ’s a fine time to get on top of any outstanding personal matters. Painting, decorating or moving, are all possible.
  • cancer


    Someone can really capture your imagination today, but this is unlikely to be a one off. The rest of this week can see some sensational conversations, and recent stresses and tensions can be replaced with a much greater degree of mutual understanding and co-operation. If you are promoting yourself, you can really sparkle.
  • leo


    If you need to research or write, Mercury and Saturn give you the mental wherewithal to do so with aplomb. Affectionate ties may have been somewhat tested this last week however, and the continuing background energy of the New Moon encourages you to stay open minded. Any love of calorific goodies increases now though.
  • virgo


    You may have found yourself in an impulsive frame of mind, but even if you have wanted to dazzle people with your growing sense of individualism and self-wonderment, someone may have seemed turned off to this, and big time. That can change now, but being able to control your enthusiasm and tune into them, is probably key.
  • libra


    How do you feel after yesterday's Libra New Moon? Are you tempted to give yourself a stunning new makeover, or supercharge current hopes? Well, it wouldn't be a surprise if this wasn't the case, and more spiritual or historical considerations are gripping you. Understanding your deepest motives and needs is essential just now.
  • scorpio


    The Moon is moving through your sign and makes lovely angles to both Venus and Neptune. This combination could see a friend share some intimacies, or if you are involved or wanting to get to know someone better, see some magical conversation. Do stay mindful of recent issues though, they may not be at a complete end.
  • sagittarius


    However diplomatic you have felt you have been, someone may have been put off by what they see as any desire on your part to have everything on your terms. With the New Moon still crackling with energy, people can surprise you with what they say, but at some point today, drawback to give yourself some thinking room.
  • capricorn


    Any issues around your love life or closest personal relationships may have been amplified in the last week or something you have been preferring not to look at, has dampened spirits. Work/life balance issues remain fluid, and you can find yourself thinking more about a faraway place or expanding your world or interests.
  • aquarius


    A lot of electricity has buzzed around the heavens, and in turn for you this week, this may have lead to some sudden about turns, travel or conversations. However, Venus's square to Saturn, may have been a strain too. This passes now, and your financial moves can be surer - as long as you keep personalities out of your major decisions.
  • pisces


    A serious tone or voice may have been stopping one relationship from developing as you wish. Perhaps this has come from within you as much as from outside. Now as your ruler Neptune starts to connect with Venus, obvious obstacles can melt away, but more subtle ones may remain. Business hopes, do however look more solid.


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