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    Are you trying to avoid something or someone? The Pisces Moon and its lunar ties suggest you may be tempted to steer away from things that seem unnecessary. It's even possible you're feeling somewhat self-indulgent. But with Venus aligning with Jupiter over the next three days, don't let a preoccupation with creature comforts see you miss a worldly opportunity.

    As part of a team you could achieve remarkable things. However, if they're going to materialize you'll need to take charge and get everyone on the same page. Some people's energies may seem scattered, or someone else want to dominate. However, if you're kindly but firm, the chances are you'll have everyone where they're supposed to be - in the end.

    With the Moon dancing across the top of your chart, you may have an urge to be in the spotlight. And it seems that even a few minutes could be enough to impress someone in a position of influence. Nevertheless and ironically, another part of you may prefer a lower profile. Go for the top spot Gemini, as a stroke of good fortune can show up, if you do.

    Someone may try to persuade you to abandon beliefs that are important to you. However, as this may be a fleeting encounter, be determined to stand your ground. Nevertheless, this can be a time when perspectives do change, and thinking this through may help you realize that you too have changed - a lot. Celebrate your new found view on life and yourself.
  • LEO

    A sparkling Venus Jupiter Trine adds a very positive, yet down-to-earth note to the days ahead, that might see you enjoy a slice of good fortune too. Even so, very little happens completely by chance, and as is intimated by today's lunar links, some deeper forces may be at work edging you in a direction you've wanted to go, but not yet dared to follow.

    If your hopes have not felt they've been fully satisfied of late you may find that over the coming days this can all change. You may have to perform a small service to kick-start the process. However, in the face of all the sacrifices you've made recently this may pale into insignificance. And the good news is you could continue to gain over the long-term.

    Certain relationships in your life may not have made sense, especially in recent weeks. Even so, this may be all set to change as tensions ease and people seem willing to talk rather than stay frostily silent. If you suddenly make a connection and blame yourself for not seeing what now looks plainly obvious, a willingness to own this will be much respected.

    The Moon in your creative sector can gift you with vibrant ideas and opportunities. If you've felt these promptings before and done nothing about them, then make a start, as doing so can set you on a journey of self-discovery. If someone admires your work, don't downplay their plaudits, as this type of attitude may have held you back in the past, Scorpio.

    The truth can be a relative concept, which is why you can't be sure someone is being honest with you today. If they aren't the planetary picture hints that it's more likely to be a small white lie than anything extreme. The more important point is whether you're being honest with yourself. And if not, what exactly are you trying to disguise?

    As intense feelings start to level off, you could feel relieved that the tide of change didn't completely overwhelm you. Mind, this might not be the whole picture, for as Saturn and Uranus link you may be ready to consider a mini-revolution over the weeks ahead, if it brings you more personal happiness. You'll need to tackle any emotional issues first, though.

    The presence of Mars in your zone of ambition suggests that if you knuckle down you'll get some big rewards. Indeed, there may be certain powerful people who are keen to see you succeed. But are you absolutely certain this is what you want? If you're not, then taking time to reflect on your priorities can prevent you from sabotaging your own best intentions.

    A scintillating Venus Jupiter aspect, which presently lights up the heavens, can bring some lovely social opportunities your way. However, you might be frustrated that other people are making plans for you, and expecting you to join in. Yes, you can benefit! But don't accept too many invites. Less is more. Focus on the people that are truly meaningful.

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