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  • aries


    Shaped by the Moon in Capricorn you may feel quite economical with your emotions today. However, you'll also find this more saturnine mood can be excellent for sorting things out, planning and being extra productive. Meanwhile, use the lighter Libra tones of the day for matters that require diplomacy, tact or extra subtlety.
  • taurus


    Serious concerns about the future can prompt you to explore an idea or learning opportunity in depth, especially if it's something that might make a positive difference to your life. Indeed, today can be a turning point, as making a key decision or commitment might enhance your confidence, and give you a new lease of life.
  • gemini


    Those you interact with may require facts and figures or a level of detail that seems a little restrictive. Even so, you might notice how it encourages you to concentrate and in the end to accomplish a great deal. In fact, today and the coming weeks can see you making significant headway and feeling more self assured too.
  • cancer


    If others seem businesslike, chalk it down to the Capricorn Moon encouraging a no-nonsense approach. What today may lack in jollity, it can make up for in efficiency which might see you and another soaring ahead with a great idea. Chances are you can proceed in leaps and bounds if the two of you chime well together.
  • leo


    The Sun and Mercury in Libra enable you to tune in and acknowledge others' perspectives and viewpoints as well as your own. Nevertheless, you'll find that those you liaise with might be very impressed by qualities such as punctuality and resourcefulness. Utilizing both traits could see you net a golden opportunity, Leo.
  • virgo


    Have a knotty problem to resolve? If your mind has been circling around the same old solutions or if you feel stuck in a rut, you might come across the answer in an unlikely situation or even a passing conversation. Keep your eyes and ears open today, as someone's quirky remark or wise or searing insight can impart a vital clue.
  • libra


    Today's backdrop can make you more aware of your responsibilities, but also leave you feeling potentially overwhelmed. If so, it might be time to delegate some of your tasks and get others involved. And if you've been aware of the need for more rest and relaxation, see if you can make it an ongoing habit rather than a luxury.
  • scorpio


    You may feel a sense of anticipation as the Sun winds down in Libra, as though something is about to be born. Indeed, it will soon be time for those dreams and ideas you've nurtured in a quieter space to make an appearance in the world. Progressive trends suggest advance planning can be vital to the process, Scorpio.
  • sagittarius


    The effort you've put into a project, goal or ambition can pay big dividends - and you might already have some results to prove it. But to make the best of this fortuitous phase try to work other activities into your day that provide contrast and enable you to unwind. While doing more is laudable, it may be best to pace yourself.
  • capricorn


    Lunar ties today look to be excellent for accomplishing your goals and you'll certainly have an opportunity to chip away, doing what you can to bring ideas and ambitious plans to fruition. At the same time it's worth switching off for a while and turning your mind to something else. Some bright ideas could emerge if you do.
  • aquarius


    If an idea grabs you, then it could prove to be irresistible - if it provides the answer to a problem or gives you a creative nudge in the right direction. And Saturn's offbeat angle to Uranus can give insight into an ongoing social dynamic, especially into the motives of a person who may have been a bit of a concern for you of late.
  • pisces


    With Mars in your sector of relating, being joined by both Venus, and more fleetingly the Moon today, and Neptune still spinning the potential for distortion, a relationship issue will require a great deal of care. The trick is to not think too sombrely about this, but neither expect to get exactly the responses you would like.


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