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    You might want to avoid getting involved in family discussions that seek to put pressure on you or dictate your plans. A developing Sun Pluto connection hints that you'll either need to compromise, or stick to your guns. Meanwhile, an upbeat entertainment idea can act as a beacon of positivity and optimism.

    Friends and associates may loom large in the picture today, encouraging you to help out with their plans and projects. Lend a hand where necessary, but don't let a certain someone put a strain on your energy or resources. Ideas for spending or investing could see you add extra sparkle to the home and value in the process.

    A Mercury Jupiter link means it's a great for getting out and seeing people. If you have something to say, put your point across in person and make time to improve contacts and strengthen ties. Meanwhile, get money matters sorted out and enquire where you can save or get better deals on utilities or other services.

    You'll need to resist someone who tries to be overly bossy and demanding. As the Sun moves to challenge Pluto, you may feel a sense of indignation arising, encouraging you to stand up to this person and let them know you won't have it. However, equally this can be a time when you'll have a real nose for a bargain.
  • LEO

    You can be prone to idealize certain relationships, perhaps preferring to see the best in people. As a result, this might actually strengthen ties with friends or work colleagues encouraging positive interaction. Despite this, you may want to stay out of the limelight and avoid situations or people that are less cordial.

    As your social life continues to be busy, go easy, as difficulties with a friend or romantic partner could arouse wariness, and potentially put you on the defensive - especially if you have to explain yourself. Even so, you can smooth over any problems by refusing to dwell on the matter and getting some time to yourself.

    Though life can flow along in a pleasant manner with plenty of sociable options to keep you busy, you may be at odds with certain people in your life. The chances are that it's family members who are causing angst. Whatever the particulars of the situation, it may be that change is inevitable and non-negotiable.

    You may find you're in the limelight and enjoying being so. Whatever the reason, you can be sure you're worthy of any accolades that come your way. You might also feel frustrated at a lack of communication with someone you need or want to connect with. Don't be passive about this, take the steps to take charge.

    Today's continuing Moon location hints that to make the most of the day you'll do best to encourage a team spirit. Use this opportunity to let your friends or partner set the agenda and show that you're willing to be co-operative and adaptable. Around costs, double check any outstanding matters. Ensure you don't incur penalties.

    You might feel frustrated if you and another have reached an impasse. And, potentially, things might not change that much over the coming days. You'll need to be very patient as a breakthrough can occur within a week. Strangely even if it does by then, you might be less bothered than now about how this finally pans out.

    This is a Saturday where you can find satisfaction comes from spending time in a quiet place, communing with nature or enjoying solitude and peaceful contemplation. Well, that may be the plan, the thing is Aquarius good friends may have other ideas, but you might decide you'll benefit more by taking time out for you.

    There's a fortunate streak at work in your everyday situation that could deliver a pleasant surprise today. And it seems that your intuition can be the catalyst for something exciting to happen. So do expect the unexpected when you're out and about. Then again, if you decide to call a friend on impulse, that too can go well.

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