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    If you have any unfinished projects trailing in the dust, then current trends encourage you not to ignore them, as one of them may be worth another look. Indeed, the current cluster of retrograde planets can be a call to reappraise your plans as there could be a golden opportunity hiding there. Perhaps best not to be too open at this stage, someone could be envious.

    With Venus, your ruling planet, in the final degrees of your spiritual sector prior to entering your sign tomorrow, don't be surprised if a relationship issue snares your emotions, encouraging you to resolve it for good. The Moon in Aquarius can inspire you to look at the whole situation from a more detached perceptive and one that can allow for a better outcome.

    The Moon's tie to Mars in your sector of relating can spotlight a need to take constructive action concerning a personal issue. If you've found yourself at cross-purposes with someone then you may have more success if you put yourself in their shoes. Given the present outlook it's possible that they feel befuddled, so reaching out cordially may be your best option.

    With Pluto rewinding in your partnership sector, you've probably realized that there's no point in pretending to be something you are not. Nevertheless, the developing Sun Neptune link suggests feelings of guilt could cause you to hold back in a situation that you'd rather move on from. Be strong though Cancer and consider what is best for you as well as them.
  • LEO

    Although certain areas of your life can depend on the support of others, you are still master of your own destiny. Furthermore, a progressive Sun location accentuates this denoting a time of opportunities. Mind, its current connection with Neptune could see you factoring another person's view when you'd probably be happier with the outcome if you decided all by yourself.

    Despite Jupiter's ongoing connection to the restrictive Saturn, the Sun in your adventure sector can bolster enthusiasm. However, it could dip somewhat if you allow others to intrude upon your time. The present set-up suggests you may feel duty-bound to accommodate people's needs, when your instincts could be telling you that you'd be best to focus on your own.

    Most of us would do things differently if we go-over elements of our past history, but don't dwell too much. The current backdrop can cause you to be more inward looking. You might find that keeping your daily commitments on track is far more productive, especially as muddled planetary influences suggest it would be wiser to keep abreast of things.

    You may be tempted to tell someone what they want to hear rather than what they need to hear. Indeed, the present focus can be excellent for resolving matters that may have dragged on for too long, even if your reasoning was mainly altruistic, Scorpio. However, if something didn't work right, have no qualms about being completely honest and open about this.

    Just when you think you have everything worked out, someone may come along and alter the rules. In fact, this might have happened more often than not lately. However, with Mercury, your planet of relating, now flipping backwards through your lifestyle sector you may find that adapting to rather than resisting changing conditions is for the best.

    The Sun's developing connection to Neptune suggests that your efforts to impress a certain person could mean that someone else could feel left out. Look to give equal consideration to everyone. This may take some effort and some juggling of your time and energies but it will more likely keep those who really matter in the loop and more on-side.

    The Moon in your sign suggests that if you find yourself in the minority over the next day or so, you should stick to your plans regardless. Being an independent thinker who doesn't mind standing out from the crowd, you could find yourself being criticized by those who prefer the mainstream. But as your remit can be to inspire - you should perhaps go for it.

    Someone you know well might insist that everything is fine, when it may not be. However, a very caring blend of energies can be the reason you decide to treat them to an outing or perhaps a small gift, even if you have a lot to contend with. Nevertheless, the Moon's presence in a more secluded sector of your chart suggests you look to nurture yourself too, Pisces.

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