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    This can be a serious time for you, when you'll want to think deeply about any changes you're contemplating setting in motion. However, with your ruler Mars in the last few degrees of Scorpio and due back at the end of May, you may find it takes a while to complete the process. That's fine, as it's better to make a start now, even if results are not obvious right away.

    Whatever you think of a friend's actions, this might not actually be the best time to tell them to their face. The reason being, that powerful influences may have acted as a catalyst leaving them with little choice. Although you may be keen to state your case, they'd probably appreciate it more if you supported them and cheered them on from the sidelines, Taurus.

    If those around you seem somewhat unmotivated, you could absorb their vibes, which might influence your outlook over the next day or so. Furthermore, if you need to be really sharp, and have things to do, places to go and people to see, try to give your time and attention to those strands and subjects that will genuinely fill you with enthusiasm and verve.

    While ordinarily first impressions certainly count, in truth, this isn't always the case. Indeed, someone who could become an important part of your life over the weeks or even the years ahead, may not show up in the best light at first. Don't be too quick to judge for it's possible your perceptions could be out of kilter just now. Instead, give things time to evolve.
  • LEO

    While you often like to throw yourself wholesomely into new activities, don't be in too much of a hurry just now. Give others the space to lead the way and take any associated risks. And anyway, all the best partnerships are those based on mutual respect, and where we can utilise one another's strengths. Your quiet support can be very much appreciated just now.

    You may be delighted to get a second chance at an opportunity that you thought had passed you by, Virgo. Even so, it still might not happen overnight. Even if you get moving on it over the next day or so, you'll have to be patient to get the results you're after, but once they start coming in over the weeks ahead, they could prove to be very exciting indeed.

    You may be missing out on certain work or lifestyle opportunities because you are not quite sure what you really want. With a number of planetary distractions emerging, it's possible that you could continue in a state of indecision. However, it is certainly not too late to think about your real needs and responding to them could make quite a difference.

    You may sense that a certain relationship is reaching a key juncture and that now is the time to really make your mind up. This feeling can be enhanced by tomorrow's Full Moon which could bring the situation between you to a head. On this occasion, allow the compassion of the Pisces Sun to help you to make a decision that works for both of you, Scorpio.

    With your personal planet Jupiter making a sterling link with the transformational Pluto over the coming weeks, you're well placed to push forward with some of your best laid plans - no matter how large or small. However, to really capitalise on this opportunity, stay abreast of the big picture. This is often a strength of yours, so hold with this.

    Have you been experiencing a churning anxiety that you can't quite shake off? Saturn's presence in the psychological sector of your chart may be a call to examine any fears. Indeed, today's lunar ties positively encourage this. If really deep rooted, this may be linked to your past, or even childhood, some may take time to quell, but with patience, you can.

    This can be an excellent time to impress an employer or other important or influential figures in your life and in such a way that they really sit up and take notice. In fact, you may find that you're being challenged by some decision makers in order to give your best performance. Whilst this may bring some attendant pressure, don't be daunted. Resolve to shine!

    Lunar influences to dour Saturn and the revolutionary Uranus encourage you to put your best foot forward regarding an idea you're keen to invest in. But if you wait until you feel circumstances are absolutely perfect, this might never happen. Look to create a strategy that you can work at on a daily basis. Over time this can make a real difference.

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