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    You may find that cutting back on unnecessary activities and giving yourself more time to accomplish essential tasks is a good idea, as the Lunar Eclipse could unsettle your routine. You may have to respond to events or dramas that could cut into your schedule, so it's just as well to be prepared. Try to be kinder to yourself, as you might not be able to please everyone.

    The cosmic backdrop can spotlight one area where you may feel you are losing out, and another where you could gain and feel good about the outcome. Concerning the former, this aspect of your life may need to be transformed or reinvented if it is to show improvement. The latter could be an idea that has great potential, but don't feel the need to share it too soon.

    With a focus on your sector of goals, potential changes to your job or plans could leave you feeling restless. Over coming days you may find that in reality there is more to look forward to than to fret about. The only reason you might feel irritated is if you are determined to stick to the status quo. Something may need to change, but it can be in a good way.

    Although your thinking may be to adopt a subtle approach to events that occur now or over coming days, the burst of emotion that could show up as a result of tomorrow's Lunar Eclipse suggests you may feel moved to speak your mind instead. Don't worry if you do Cancer, as this could be the most appropriate response should you find yourself in a trying situation.
  • LEO

    Go easy when questioning financial arrangements as it might be wise not to hassle those who make the decisions, especially by attempting to hurry them up. Over coming days you could be keen to push things along in an effort to get them moving, when it might be better to just go with it. You might even find that in time the wait brings a much better option your way.

    Although you often prefer to act with caution, this could go out of the window over coming days, especially with the Lunar Eclipse in your opposite sign of Pisces tomorrow. It's even possible that you might feel like doing something outrageous, which could surprise a friend or partner. But might this be just what's needed, a little shock-n-awe can work wonders.

    Though an offer or opportunity may seem to be made for you, double check all facts. This is especially necessary if your intuition seems to be telling you something. If so, don't try to push it away. It might be that there is a reason why your instincts are prompting you to look into this further. Because of this, before you sign or commit be sure to address any concerns.

    Though you may want to get ahead with a plan, a friendship or romance, it's possible that a touch of obsession could creep into the mix over coming days. You may feel like pushing for your preferred outcome whether it's appropriate or not. If this is the case, try to draw back a little. You could even find that events change the game plan and the end result anyway.

    Today's lunar ties and tomorrow's Lunar Eclipse could bring issues and perhaps responsibilities your way that you may need to deal with. In particular, family issues might be a part of this. Emotions may even become quite intense, especially if a touchy issue flares up. With Jupiter, your guiding light's help, you may well find you're well placed to manage this situation.

    It's possible your perception of events is causing you irritation or frustration, and with certain energies encouraging restlessness over coming days your thinking could run riot too. And with a potent lunar phase stirring things up in general, it may be wise not to take such thoughts or feelings too seriously for now, as soon enough different perspectives can emerge.

    A desire to visit other places and meet new people may encourage friends to do something similar. If they see you getting excited they may decide to have a go themselves, and this could lead to activities that everyone can enjoy. Do watch costs though, as the focus over coming days suggests unexpected expenses might still be set to emerge for you, Aquarius.

    As the Moon in your sign links with Saturn and Neptune, you may realise how futile it is to continue with a plan or goal that has been nothing but a disappointment for you. While persisting can often bring positive results, this might not be one of those times. Being willing to let go and move on, could leave you feeling far less burdened and with more energy too.

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