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    Your dreams may be important, whether these are night reveries or daydreams that conjure up images of what you might like to do and where you would like to be. And although they may be somewhat removed from reality, it can seem that they are preferable to any harsh responsibilities. Even so, if you can rise to the occasion, there may be great satisfaction in a job well done.

    As the Sun links with Neptune, the planet of subtle insight, the cosmic overview suggests being true to your deeper instincts may be important at a time when others could be very persuasive. Certain friends may be ready to share what works for them, but in reality you may be best to focus on what you feel is best for you, even if you stand out in your social circle for doing so.

    How high is high enough, particularly when it comes to a personal ambition? A key blend of energies suggests being realistic about what you hope to achieve, as there could be a tendency to veer off into areas that may not be quite so productive. Therefore, although one idea may seem to hold great allure for you, it may be best to tackle those things which can create immediate benefits.

    Your beliefs about yourself could be crucial to shaping the way certain areas of your life unfold, especially over the coming days and weeks. Indeed, the recent Solar Eclipse along with other influences may have highlighted an area where you could be holding yourself back. And while letting go of old patterns often needs time, this shouldn't deter you from exploring new territories.
  • LEO

    You may be inclined to play down your skills and abilities, particularly with the Sun, your personal planet, in a highly sensitive sector of your chart. Despite this, you can be very creative, which can show up in an artistic way or as a natural flair for resolving everyday issues. So do consider pushing yourself forward, especially if someone could make good use of your talents.

    While an idea might appeal, an eager mood could encourage you to dive in without thinking through all the potential implications, which could prove a setback later. A blend of energies in your sector of relating hints you may be in demand from others needing your help too. Juggling all this can take some care, but don't feel you have to please others to follow your own heart.

    An aspect of your daily life may have reached a point where it is no longer helpful. This could be a habit, a situation or perhaps a belief about what you should or should not be doing. The coming days may give a clue as to what this could be, especially if events highlight this matter as well. However, it may also be the cosmos's way of encouraging you onwards and upwards.

    The ongoing tie between Mars and Uranus could be the reason why you may feel restless and find it difficult to settle. You might prefer to do anything except knuckle down to those tasks that have to be done. But with some lively links in your leisure zone there is the option of good times ahead too, which can be a reward for pushing ahead with those all important jobs first.

    A focus on your leisure sector suggests you may enjoy the chance to get out and about. And whether this involves competitive sport, aerobics or a walk in nature, any such activities might prove invigorating to you. This can be especially grounding if you have found yourself lacking drive of late, as the very act of getting your body moving could result in a stream of ideas.

    When making travel or social arrangements, it would be prudent to expect the unexpected. It's possible you may have to go back on a promise even though this might be the last thing you want to do. If this does happen, a sensitive approach and the willingness to make other arrangements further down the line can hopefully make up for any disappointment, Capricorn.

    It can seem that you have too much money going out and perhaps not as much as you would like coming in. However, the key here may be in taking back control. While other celestial factors might encourage a spontaneous approach to life and financial matters, it is better if this does not extend to your resources. Indeed, sticking to a budget can leave you feeling more secure.

    If it seems that the more you push yourself the less you appear to achieve, then it may be because you're trying too hard. The astrological picture encourages you to let go and go with the flow, and you may find that if you do everything comes together more easily. Having faith in yourself and in your natural inner wisdom can also make a difference to your progress overall, Pisces.

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