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Time for change

Name withheld on request

As elections to a top Bahrain expat school’s board draws near, ‘hysterical’ is how one would describe the situation.
For a three-year term which is no pay, charity oriented assignment for a community school, the kind of rush to fill the school board will dumbfound even the most kind-hearted.
Some parents can’t seem to leave the school even though their children finished their high school and left for college. A parent of a former student, who was a board member using his grandchild, wants to form a panel with his son-in-law as one of the candidates. We think he made a 20-year plan and the first family hand down in the school’s history. Some put up dummy candidates to do their bidding and to get front
row seats. Others use innovative ways to remain relevant. There is a joke going around that some have a few additional children years apart just to stay in the picture for longer.
Even the current board members, whose tenure can be best described as inert, may re-contest separately as some of them can’t see eye to eye.
Many would say that this is democracy in action, but parents watch from the sidelines with horror as collection of vested interests group together to form a panel that would seem acceptable. Some candidates hand in glove with contractors or vendors are backed by them financially. We have a lot of scratching backs going on.
Promotions or raises were given as a quid pro quo and to those with connections overlooking teacher excellence or seniority. All this has left the teaching faculty politicised affecting the quality of education. As a group of parents watching all this drama, we think that able candidates should stand independently. Those with no axes to grind, with no backing of vendors or special interest groups, with the better half not a teacher or staff, whose sole concern is to further the interests of our children and the school.
The independents should announce their candidature and leave it to parents to decide. The community should get together and make it about the betterment of the children and the school. Parents of ex-students should be actively encouraged to leave the campus and its affairs along with their children and look for other things to do elsewhere.
To stem the rot a willing few should take this bull by its horn. We should redefine the school board and set a new standard.
Anyone up for real change? Please mail your opinions and ideas with your names and numbers mentioned to

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